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Compare and Contrast of “A&P” and “Greasy Lake”

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Compare or Contrast
The short stories, “A&P” by John Updike and “Greasy Lake” by T.C Boyle are both very similar in their tone and style. Both stories have two main charechters that are lost in their late teens years. The main charecter in “A&P” is attempting to impress a couple of teenage girls by taking a stand against his boss, while the main charechter in “Greasy Lake” is taking a stand agaisnt society by drinking and rebelling in any way possiable.

Both main charecters have a similar style about them when they both decide to make some life changing decisions out of impulse.

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Compare and Contrast of “A&P” and “Greasy Lake”
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The young man in The setting of Greasy Lake takes place in a small town with three young boys who beleive they are “bad”. Along with three young boys walking and talking “bad” set the tone of the story but the setting brings the detailed charecterstics out of the story. The time of day that this short story was narrated was at night fall in a old swamped out lake which was called Greasy Lake by all the youth.

Having mixed with alchaol, teenagers, and “bad” antics a dangerous setting is portrayed threwout the entire story.

The three young boys pull up to the lake having already consumed a good amount of alchol they run into who they think is one of their buddies. Throwing bottles ans cusing at the car of their friends, they soon realize it is not their friends car and it is moving. The three young boys then run up to the car to see some very angry older man ready to fight. The three boys then fights the man with tier irons while the screaming girlfriend trys to break it up. Then after beating the man almost to death in this swamp at night and drunk they then decide they want to rape the olders mans girlfriend. this is at the peak of their night up unitl another car pulls up and beats the three boys off of the girlfriend. Each boy is beaten of into the swamp itslelf which has the name Greay Lake for a reason.

The three boys in short gather themselvs togeather just as the sun starts to rise. They get in their car and two young girls walk up asking if they want to party and looking for a good time. These boys have had the night of their lives and without thinking twice turns these two older woman down. They finally felt controle of the situation and were ready to leave the rest behind.

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