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Compare & Contrast for Subway & Mcdonalds

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What is your thesis statement? Fast food is a burden because it is very unhealthy, easy to obtain, and easy to want because of marketing. I. Introduction- KFC, Burger King, Mc Donald’s, we’ve all heard and probably eat from one of their restaurants and plan to do so again in the future. But do you know what you are really eating? II. First main point- Fast food is the main reason why most people in America are obese today.

a. Supporting details- Because it’s highly available and affordable, and they may seem attractive to anyone hoping to save time and money. . Sub details- They offer too many easy calories and unhealthful ingredients that contribute to being overweight. ii. Sub details- Fast foods provide easy-access calories but offer very little nutritional benefit yet they are consumed every day by one-third of all American kids, a five-fold increase since the 1970s. III. Second main point- And that’s why I’m here to help you to know which ones are healthy and which are not.

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Compare & Contrast for Subway & Mcdonalds
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First I’m going to go with the a healthy fast food restaurant and that’s Subway. a.

Supporting details- Subway is probably your healthiest choice in the fast food world. On the menu is a wide selection of sandwiches and salads with six grams of fat or less. i. Sub details- Even though they have things on their menu that may not be as healthy as the rest you still have a better chance of eating at Subway if you want a healthy meal. ii. Most of the items on Subway’s menu are low in fat, cholesterol and free from trans-fat and Subway is always serving fresh ingredient, not fried and adding lots of veggies in the menu.

IV. Third main point- McDonald’s is on the other hand is not so healthy but they do a diet menu that’s a little bit healthier than what they serve on the main menu. a. Supporting details- When going to McDonald’s you have a wider variety of things to choose from. i. Sub details- They offer a wide range of hamburgers and drinks from shakes to coffee and even some desert menu. The hamburgers are already made at the back of the kitchen so it could be served very fast as its system.

The menus of hamburgers are already arranged with many varieties providing different size range, from the kids size “Happy-meal” to a large size “Big Mac” and sometimes even a seasonal menu to attract customer’s attention. ii. And that’s why most people go there and don’t think about if those things are healthy or not. b. Supporting details- Yet McDonald’s does have a diet menu it’s still packed with more calories than a Subway sandwich or salad would have. i. Sub details- and you can check out on their websites.

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