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Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems

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  • Pages 2
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    What are the key points of this article?

    The article “Advanced Technologies to Lower Health Care Costs and Improve Quality” talks about the rising costs of health care and the prevalence of medical errors. It then lists seven technologies that were found to simultaneously improve the quality of health care while lowering its costs: (1) electronic communication between patients and physicians, (2) electronic prescribing, (3) ambulatory computerized physician order entry, or CPOE, systems, (4) inpatient CPOE systems, (5) regional data sharing, (6) electronic Intensive Care Unit, or e-ICU, applications, and (7) disease management applications.

    How does this article relate to medical informatics?

    The seven information-based technologies enumerated in this article are all systems that optimize storage and retrieval of information used in the practice of medicine, which is the goal of medical informatics.

    Did you agree with this article? Yes or no, and Why.

    Yes, I agree with this article, because the technologies mentioned above can facilitate the smooth flow of health care provision as well as minimize errors that can cost lives. After all, sick people have the right to be attended to in an efficient manner without incurring crippling costs. Although the acquisition of these technologies may initially cost the hospital or practice a lot of money, in time, returns can be experienced in terms of more patients seen, less errors, and an overall greater customer satisfaction.

    Did you disagree with this article? Yes or No, and Why.

    No, I do not disagree with this article. I think that it presents a very convincing argument for the use of technologies that can increase the efficiency of health care provision.

    Did you like this article? Yes or no and Why.

                Yes, I like this article, because the topic is interesting, the language is clear, the facts presented are exhaustive and convincing, and the goal – better healthcare for all – is noble.


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