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Constructing A Multi Storey Commercial Building Construction

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    Involved glade, mooching ( remotion and disposal of surface flora, roots, stumps and belowground portion of constructions to a deepness of at least 0.50m below land degree ) and depriving ( remotion of surface soil to an mean deepness of at least 100mm below land degree ) , JKR 1988-1.

    All the combustible stuff removed from the designated country is being disposed by firing nevertheless if combustion is non permitted, it must be disposed in a safe and tidy mode at solid waste shit outside the site, JKR, 1998-1.

    1.2 Earthwork

    Involved digging of relaxation and taking Earth and stone from its original place from a cut and transporting it to a fill or a waste sedimentation ( Clarkson ad Hicks, 1981 ) . It must be carried out instantly after the top dirt has been removed. Earthwork is of import for the building of drainage, roadway and edifice foundation. Mass draw diagram is used to guarantee the volume of cut and fill are efficient ( cut down wastage and import from other topographic point ) .

    1.3 Venturing

    Venturing is being carried out by appraising. Markers are being driven into the land as markers for the edifice and margin fence. Precise staking is of import plot the position margin of a edifice.

    1.4 Perimeter Fencing

    To forestall interlopers, public and animate beings to make breaks to the undertaking.

    1.5 Dewatering

    Applications of perpendicular drain, piezometer or surcharge are utile for the dewatering procedure. This is to guarantee the pore H2O force per unit area in the dirt is in a safety scope hence it does non impact the edifice.

    1.6 Impermanent Buildings

    Include site office ( meeting and treatment ) , lavatory, shop ( shop edifice stuffs ) , canteen, worker s quarters, etc.

    1.7 Impermanent Access Road

    It must be strong, broad and non excessively steep for heavy vehicles and it should let to take-over infinite. Warning signboard and guard house should be equipped to guarantee the safety of the site ( prevent unauthorised interloper ) .


    Sub-structures are the elements of a edifice that are located beneath the land degree such as:

    1 ) Stacking and foundation

    2 ) Basement/Underground floor

    3 ) Column stumps

    4 ) Land beam

    5 ) Hardcore and damp-proof stuffs

    2.1 Piling and Foundation

    To back up the construction above it. A system of hemorrhoids, heap caps, and straps ( if required ) that transfers the structural burden to the bearing stratum into which the hemorrhoids are driven.

    Uploaded with Stacking

    2.2 Basement/Underground Floor

    Sometimes, parking tonss, ware mercantile establishments, food-court, etc are located at cellar or resistance. Proper oversing and dirt probe needed to guarantee safety.

    2.3 Column Stumps

    Colums stumps needed for the column to be build particularly for high-rise edifice.

    Uploaded with

    Workers are building column stumps

    2.4 Ground Beam

    Land beams are designed to back up brick/blockwork or to organize lasting shutter to the border of unmoved concrete floor-slab. Loading demands can be achieved by changing the support. Land beams are rectangular or square in form. However, notches / half terminal plates / sloped faces can be supplied to order.

    Uploaded with Ground beams being constructed

    2.5 Hardcore and Damp-Proof Materials

    A protective step applied to constructing foundation walls to forestall wet from go throughing through the walls into interior infinites. Moisture if in contact with the strengthened concrete, the support will corrode and the strength of the reinforce concrete will be greatly reduced.


    Super-structures are the elements located above the damp-proof stuff ( ground degree ) such as:

    1 ) Structural frame served as a frame for the building of the upper floors

    2 ) Upper floors for tower block edifice.

    3 ) Wall as a divider.

    4 ) Roof

    5 ) Doors and Windowss

    6 ) Completing

    7 ) Utilities supplying basic comfortss such as H2O, power supply, infected armored combat vehicle, telephone, fire sensor, sprinkler, lift, security dismay, etc.


    It consists of all the plants outside the edifice such as:

    1 ) Roadss

    2 ) Vehicle parking

    3 ) Gutter

    4 ) Sewer

    5 ) Fence

    6 ) Landscaping

    5.0 Uniform Building BY-LAW

    There are many elements in the Uniform Building By-Law in Malaysia such as:

    1 ) Preliminary

    2 ) Submission of programs for blessing includes supervising of work, graduated table of programs, programs of changes, stuffs non to be deposited in a street without permission, etc.

    3 ) Space, visible radiation and airing includes unfastened infinites to be provided, entree from a street, splayed corner, breadth of footwear, mechanical airing and air-conditioning, tallness of suites in residential edifices, shophouses and school, etc.

    4 ) Temporary works in connexion with edifice operations includes beginning of edifice operation, duty of individual granted impermanent licenses, vehicular entree to site, etc.

    5 ) Structural demands includes edifice stuffs, general demands of burden, weight of dividers, mechanical stacking, roof coverings, foundations, brick termss, etc.

    6 ) Constructional demands includes drainage of undersoil, protection against dirt eroding, lift, swimming pools, deepness of H2O, etc.

    7 ) Fire demands includes regulations of measuring, protected shafts, airing to raise shafts, smoke sensors for lift anterooms, etc.

    8 ) Fire dismaies, fire sensing, fire extinguishment and fire combat entree.

    9 ) Miscellaneous edifice exempted, failure to edifices, etc.


    Site probe is really of import to a undertaking to:

    1 ) make up one’s mind whether the site is by and large suited ( whether it is situated at suited location )

    2 ) acquire specific information for complete design, safety and economic system ( determine dirt belongingss )

    3 ) prepare for building options ( particular equipments for dewatering and etc. )


    The followerss are the stages of probe:

    1 ) Desktop survey initial survey of available informations

    2 ) Site probe get utile informations from the site

    3 ) Soil probe determine dirt belongingss

    4 ) Analysis of informations

    Sketch of Bad Site Layout

    Uploaded with


    Based on the affiliated bad site layout, it is considered as bad due to the undermentioned grounds:

    1 ) Material storage situated opposite of the route which is inconvenient for the building work to be carried out. It will do traffic issue while transporting the stuffs to the building site.

    2 ) Site office is far off from the building site.

    3 ) Worker s quarters are near to the building site but the canteen is far off from the worker s quarters. This cause inconveniences for the workers during lunch clip hr.

    4 ) Toilet is far from the worker s quarters.

    5 ) Parking tonss are non located near to the building site.

    6 ) No prosaic span between the building site and the parking tonss. This will do a large job to the traffic particularly during peak hours.

    7 ) The material storage, site office, canteen, lavatory every bit good as parking tonss should be situated at the empty infinite indicate in the site layout to understate the jobs discussed supra.

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    What are multi-storey building made of?
    The multi-storey building is made of concrete would consist of: Slabs. Columns. Shear walls.
    What are the considerations in the multi-storey system?
    Depending on their height, multi-storey buildings may have particular considerations and requirements in relation to: Access and circulation. Fire safety and evacuation. Structural design.
    What are the steps in building a commercial building?
    The commercial building construction process involves six basic steps from start to finish, and each of these phases involves a series of tasks. These basic phases are planning and development, design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, and post-construction.

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