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Building Construction for the Fire Service

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Every building should have its fire extinguishers properly installed and ready for use, it is important that safety precautions are put in place whenever a building is under construction. The current building which has the first floor as for retail shops, the second and third as offices and the next floors as apartments.

It is important to note that when a fire starts from the ground flow it is highly possible that the fire will spread to the other upper floors, therefore it is important to have more fire extinguishers in the ground floor than the other apartments.

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Building Construction for the Fire Service
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The first floor should contain both electronic fire detectors, hand held fire extinguishers that should be placed in an easily accessible place. In case of a fire then the electronic detectors will help in distinguishing the fire.

Offices should also contain hand held fire extinguishers placed in high traffic areas at strategic positions, however the offices are less likely to start a fire and therefore it will not be much important to fix electronic fire detectors but as a matter of precaution it will still be important to install the extinguishers.

The apartments are the highest possible floors to cause a fire because the residents will rely on gas and electricity, therefore it will not be important to place electronic fire detectors in this areas otherwise detections will be void because of high use of fire producing equipments in this areas, however it will be important to place hand held fire extinguishers at one on each apartment especially corridors and stairs.

Finally to be fully equipped to cater for fire incidences in the building it will be very important to fix fire alarm switches all over the building and also provide guideline posters on each floor to educate people on what to do in case of a fire, also the final measure is to ensure that there exist fire exit such as stairs other than the elevators because the elevators should not be used in the case of a fire.


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