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Coors Kidnapping Case Study Essay

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Adolph Coors III was born on January 12, 1916 in New Hampshire. He attended Phillips Exeter Academy for High School, then fallowed in his father’s footsteps and attended Cornell University in upstate New York, where his brother Joseph would attend only a few years later. During his time at Cornell, Coors became the president of the Quill and Dagger Chapter, and was also a member of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

In his youth, Coors was a very good skier. He traveled all over the country, and in 1998 was inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame.

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Coors Kidnapping Case Study
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Coors was the next heir to the throne of the great American brewing company, and multimillion dollar empire. Joe Corbett was born on October 25, 1928 in Seattle, Washington.

He attended the University of Oregon, and was about to enroll in the medical school. However, in 1951, Corbett got into an altercation with an Air Force sergeant, where Corbett eventually shot him in the back of the head.

Corbett claimed self defense at first, but eventually pleaded guilty. Later that year, Corbett was put in maximum security at San Quentin Prison.

In 1959, due to his good behavior, he was lowed into the minimum security part of the prison, where he soon after escaped. After his escape, he went by the alias of Walter Osborne. Coors was driving to work from his home in Morrison, Colorado, when he all of a sudden went missing. Only eight days later, a yellow Mercury was found on fire in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The car had been torched on purpose, but did not burn quickly enough because authorities were still able to trace the serial number on the motor back to Corbett.After this discovery, several residents in Morrison, Colorado said that they had seen that same car around the time of Coors’s disappearance. This ended up being a positive match because, mud and dirt found on the bottom of Corbett’s Mercury matched the dirt that was at the location of Coors’s Morrison home. This launched one of the biggest manhunts for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Then, seven months after the abduction of Coors, with no leads to the whereabouts of Corbett, Coors clothes were found in a dumpster in Sedalia, Colorado. A few days later, Coors’s body was found not far from that location.In the clothes of Coors, was a ransom note that the authorities were able to connect to the typewriter of Corbett. They were also able to find out that Corbett had ordered handcuffs, leg irons, and a gun only a couple months before the disappearance of Coors.

After the FBI was able to conclude that Corbett was the man that killed Coors, and had also let us not forget, escaped from prison, set up on the biggest manhunts in the Bureau’s history. At this point Corbett had been the 127th person to get on the FBI’s infamous “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list. The FBI posted abound 1. million posters with Corbett’s face on them all over the country, even in newspapers and magazines.

In 1960, the investigation continued into Canada. First the FBI searched Toronto, but then heard word that Corbett had been seen in Vancouver, British Columbia. On October 29, 1960 Joe Corbett had been captured by the FBI, and one of the most challenging manhunts had become a success. Corbett was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Adolph Coors III.

However he was released on parole in 1978. Corbett remained quiet, not committing a crime for the rest of his life.When he was 80 years old, Corbett was found in his apartment in Denver, Colorado, with a single gunshot to his head. It is said that he killed himself.

He more than likely tasted the beer for the first time, and thought about what in idiot he was for killing the heir to the multimillion dollar throne. Trace Evidence played a significant part in the solving of this case. Had the FBI not made the connection between the dirt underneath Corbett’s Mercury and the dirt in Morrison, Colorado, Corbett may not have ever been suspected of killing Adolph Coors III.Bibliography http://en.

wikipedia. org/wiki/Joseph_Corbett,_Jr. http://en. wikipedia.

org/wiki/Adolph_Coors_III http://www. history. com/this-day-in-history/coors-brewery-heir-is-kidnapped http://articles. nydailynews.

com/2009-09-13/news/17934384_1_fbi-agents-kidnapper-license-platehttp://www. webbsleuths. org/dcforum/DCForumID79/505. html

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