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Writing a kidnapping scene

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My stomach turned as took a defensive crouch, ready to pounce at any given moment. With my torch sealed between the fingers of my left hand and a keg camouflaged bag on my back, I attempted to mentally Stop and fight all my instincts which were telling me to run and retreat. The sound of gunfire made me want to turn around and face the noise coming from the other direction. As my aim and torch followed and rose up to the sound, it lit a dark alleyway invisible to the naked eye.

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Writing a kidnapping scene
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The gunfire stopped as soon as it started o I took several deep breaths as I panned the small beam of light around the alleyway. There were two buildings on either side of me, 1 a-story apartment flats with all the windows black, some boarded with wooden panels and the rest smashed which was typical in this part of the city. The nearby lamppost flickered, lighting the street beside me every few seconds.

The street was dead except for a few cars that littered the sidewalks, but even those seemed to kick as if a bomb had hit them.

A small can with a bullet hole through the side caught my attention. I grabbed the strap of my steel MM and increased my guard ready to expect the worst- case scenario. In the confusion and panic of discovering I was in danger, I heard a loud screech which sounded like someone scratching nails against metal. The sound was increasing dramatically as the seconds passed. A light locked on my eyes and dive to the side into a prone position just as a car comes racing past, colliding with the flickering lamppost that was annoying me for the last 10 minutes.

As I stood in disbelief, I was reluctant to believe it as him in the car. I was shocked but without hesitation, I sprinted to the totaled Toyota with my keg bag jolting my upper body. A small Arab man fell out of the truck with a gash on his head; it was obviously not the man I was looking for. While I stitched up his wounds, he told me where his camp was and why he fled. I left him and continued my trek. The mild air of this place made my body itch and kept me awake as I walked through the city.

I came across splatters Of blood across the pavement and suddenly heard a loud bang like a firework going off. Immediately afterwards, I heard gun shots and soon after, the dark, gloomy sky shined red for a millisecond giving me the motivation to not give up and follow the signs that would eventually lead me to him. I dashed through the sewers and darted past the apartments until I came across the village described by the man that had helped in the Toyota. Kneeled behind a large tree and saw a small boy walk past with a pistol in his hand.

I felt as if I was in a horror movie with the violence and bloodshed this place goes through but I needed to omelet the mission, so I snuck through the trashed buildings and weaved in and out of the trees I saw an American man tied up In a room with a bike lock on the 10 foot steel door to keep him in. I quickly crawled out the building to lob my KEG bag on the wet floor and searched for the phone to signal the team. A team of 15 men raided the building after 45 elongated minutes and a few minutes later a black helicopter swept down from the distance to pick us up and complete the bitter mission.

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