Creative Writing: My Clean, Well-Lighted Place

The world where am I living is such a shitty place for me, that is why I want to find the best spot where no one else has known. My own Utopia. A place where only me can know or a place that is beyond the imagination of others. The perfect spot that I am telling about is a place of extreme wilderness. It is a place where wild things are. 

I am like the reincarnation of Magellan or Columbus because I want to explore the unknown parts of the world. If I am only living during the Americas is still undiscovered by the Europeans and I am a European, maybe, the kings and queens of Europe are the ones who will talk to find a route going to India by navigating to the west. Probably, if that thing happens, you will just found me on the textbook your child is reading. Still, it’s okay that Columbus rediscovered the Americas because I will just discover a new land or place on Earth. For those countries who are willing to find a new place, I am the one you should trust for.

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Sometimes, I’m questioning myself why I don’t like the real world and the world that I really like can only exist in an imagination. Probably, I am crazy, but what is the problem on it, craziness is uniqueness and uniqueness are the things that make us all. Wait, where am I now? I supposed to talk about my clean well-lighted place but I am talking all about these things. I will start now. Sorry.

As I said earlier, my clean, well-lighted is a place of wilderness. It is a place where I can be alone and where can I just enjoy the beauty of nature there. I have a feeling that I’m a big part of nature and I think that nature also thinks that I’m a big part of him. Is there a line that connects me to it or is it just base on the law of ecology that states that everything is connecting to everyone else? Still, one thing is for sure, we love each other.

The chirping of the bird, the touch of grass, the gentle breeze and the music that is composed by the river or sea are the things that I want to see or feel. It is pretty strange for a teenager that grew up in a large urban area like me who would like to prefer the beauty of nature than the urban jungle. It is really my ultimate dream to live in an oasis, a place which is full of serenity for me.

Oh my God! I’m so dramatic on what I am writing. Can I just possibly stop that! In this place, I don’t wanna be all by myself. I don’t want to stay in this place alone for a very long time so I will just stay there for an hour or two. Don’t think that I will stay there for a long time. It is also boring when you are alone. A very beautiful place is best enjoyed when there is someone on your side.

It is a place without any distraction and it so cozy that is why you can easily sleep here if you are on the swinging, hanging cradle from the tree.

This place is not perfect but just nearly perfect. For me, a perfect place means heaven or a place of God so being in a perfect place means that you are in front of God. Really, I don’t want to be with God right now because that means that you are already dead. God, I am sorry for what I am saying right now but I really don’t want to be with you right now because it just shows that I am already dead.

Just wait just for only a little years because I will probably die anytime soon because of obesity. When you are in this place, it feels like you are in a million dollar vacation. Nature is your natural chef. It will be the one who will give you food and all the things that all you need to live. Is it just really wonderful? It sounds like I’m trying to promote the tourism of this place.

Even though this is the place that I consider as clean and well-lighted, this place is just a work of my imagination and will remain as an imagination of my playful mind. This one is another place which I consider as clean and well-lighted. This place reflects everything that interests me the most. It shows what am I all about and my interests.

I don’t know why but this place seems to fit for old people only because this place is where you can found a really great art, good classical music, things that are a big part of history and a good foamy coffee. I’m a millennium kid, but sometimes I think I’ve lived for centuries. Sometimes I think I belong in a different generation where men and women really admire art and culture. I have the idea that everything must line up “just right”. I just really love order and symmetry. Do I have obsessive-compulsive disorder or I am just artsy-fartsy?

Because I am big and claustrophobic, this place should be wide. It is just a single white and black room for about a size of a basketball court. This is the type of place where I can find serenity. I am definitely in a cloud-nine if I’m in this place. Every side of it has a bookcase which contains books about the non-fiction ones, science, history, politics, sociology, and novels which are written by a Filipino especially by Bob Ong and Lualhati Bautista. This room or should I call as my private library will contains the largest collection of books which are written by Filipino.

My playlist which contains good classical music just like of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and some music of the best singers of all time, the British, will play for 24/7. MERALCO will be happy about this. This place wouldn’t be complete if there is no music like that. I am also a couch potato so I really like to watch TV programs and movies. I really don’t like to watch Filipino TV programs and movies because it does not meet my high standards. The TV programs that I will definitely watch are the BBC programs and the movies that I will watch are the Hollywood movies. Rizal and Bonifacio, I am very sorry for patronizing foreign media but I just really don’t like the media of our own. It’s suck. Don’t worry, I am still a nationalist who really loves the Philippines.

This place might also look like a museum because this place will contain several paintings, sculptures and historical artefacts. I admire art more than my friends. Wait, do I have any friends? If it is just legal to steal paintings and sculptures from those four ninja turtle artists, I would definitely do that. If my wealth is just the same as Bill Gates’ wealth, I will spend my money on finding the Yamashita’s Treasure and Ark of the Covenant so I can put it on my ideal place.

Usually, I read with a mug of a foamy coffee. Because what is the point of books without coffee? Laying on a bed of pillows with a novel and a cup of coffee is a perfect thing to do. The feeling of it is heavenly. I will definitely have a good bed or a cozy nook in this place. This is a place where I can concentrate a lot and there is no distraction.

Sometimes I also don’t like a clean, well-lighted place because it is lifeless. A place like this is boring. All things that seem in order look dull. For me, this type of place represents the misery of life. Even though my clean, well-lighted place represents misery, I know that this is the place who am I belong. A place that describes me a lot is this one.

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