Dark Agnes and Other Historical Adventures Essay

Robert E. Howard Properties and Del Rey have announced the next planned book in the Howard Library series: Dark Agnes and Other Historical Adventures, with a scheduled release in Spring 2011.

Following the historical footsteps of El Borak and Other Desert Adventures, which takes us to Afghanistan and the surrounding areas  at the turn of the 20th century, “Dark Agnes” will take readers further back in time, from the years of the Crusades up to 16th century France.

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Dark Agnes and Other Historical Adventures
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Dark Agnes de la Fere who when faced with an arranged marriage to a brutal husband in 16th century France cuts the ceremony short with a dagger-stroke and flees.

Dark Agnes’ instinctive skill in combat wins her the name of Sword Woman. Her skill is tested on the coast of France where she foils a plot by Britain’s devious Cardinal Wolsey to undermine the French king, and again in the benighted alleys of Chartres, as she faces the vengeance of an executed sorcerer who will not die.

In addition to Agnes, the volume will feature Cormac Fitzgeoffrey, Howard’s half-Irish, half-Norman man of war who follows Richard the Lion-Hearted to 12th century Palestine – Outremer – under the banners of the Third Crusade.

Filling out the volume will be a selection of Howard’s finest Historical stories, hand picked series editor Rusty Burke. As is the case with all the books in the Del Rey Howard library series, “Dark Agnes” will be fully illustrated. The announcement of volume’s artist will come at a later date.

Presently in production is El Borak and Other Desert Adventures, which is due out February 2010.

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