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Adventures Without Traveling Far Outside New York

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General purpose: To inform the audience about the various adventures they could partake in without traveling far outside New York. I. Introduction A. Tired of the crowded subways and loud streets? Do city skylines and tourist spots bore you? Well, adventure and nature is closer than you think. Even though we live in the city, various companies have made it pretty simple to escape the city life with ease. II. Body A. Introduce Discover Outdoors. Discuss the following adventures: hikes, wine tasting, apple and pumpkin picking, horseback riding, and rock climbing.


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Adventures Without Traveling Far Outside New York
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Discover Outdoors is my favorite company in terms of escaping the city. They have day trips and multi day trips already planned. You can buy them online and the best part is majority of the time they are all inclusive, meaning everything is included such as wine, equipment and snacks. a. On DiscoverOutdoors. com you can find a variety of hiking trips that are categorized by skill level and mileage.

Different hiking paths include exploring the natural habitats of various animals such as wolves and raccoons. They include breathtaking views and like mentioned before food and wine.

Hikes depart from various places in the city and costs anywhere from $60 to $100. All trips include transportation. b. If you are not into hiking there are also trips maybe you would enjoy such as the horseback riding and wine tasting escape package. Imagine riding through wide-open fields for two hours and then driving to a beautiful vineyard in the Hudson Valley for a wine tasting. For $140 you could enjoy the horses and samples of reds and whites along with some of the best ciders in America. Finish up this trip with a stroll though the orchard grounds and come back to the city refreshed and relaxed. . If you don’t like horses maybe you would fancy the apple and pumpkin picking and fall foliage hike. This beautiful five-mile hike embraces natures and taste great too.

Aside from apples and pumpkins, honey and jellies will also be available after the hike. For only $75 this would be a day well spent. d. And if you didn’t like any of these options, there is also a rock climbing trip leaving from the Upper West Side of Manhattan where you can get geared up with all the appropriate harnesses and rock shoes which would be provided and spend the day climbing mountains in New Paltz.

No experience is necessary so all you’d need to do is dress appropriated and bring some water. This trip is on the more expensive side compared to the others coming in at $180. But rock climbing is one of those bucket list items that’s worth doing right. III. Conclusion So in conclusion, today you have been informed about the many available day trips through Discover Outdoors and hopefully next time you’ve had enough of the concrete jungle you’ll remember the great outdoors is not as far as it seems.

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Adventures Without Traveling Far Outside New York. (2017, Jan 21). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/adventures-without-traveling-far-outside-new-york/

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