Data Mining and Actionable Information Essay

Data Mining and Actionable Information May 24, 2014 People need information for planning their work, meet deadlines, and achieve their goals - Data Mining and Actionable Information Essay introduction. They also need information to analyze problems and make important decisions. Data is most definitely not in short supply these days, but not all data is useful or reliable. Actionable information offers data that can be used to make effective and specific business decisions (Stoats, 2009). In order for information to be actionable, all research must be accurate, consistent and comprehensive. Examples of actionable information include trend charts, Intelligent Maps (GIS) and Location Intelligence tools.

Although a prime example of where actionable information can be useful is in an employee report card, which can assess turnover rates and reasons for leaving to be used by managers. It is well documented the value of the web for finding information on businesses, governments, and economics-?just about any type of information that’s useful for our research. Many Big Data projects focus on this type of information, attempting to gain unique insights and actionable strategies from big picture perspectives that escape the notice of individual searchers who are limited in the amounts of information they can process.

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Data Mining and Actionable Information
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Many firms are mining sites such as Backbone, Pinsetters, Linked, and others to glean insights into the needs and want of the users who are generating content on their sites (Epstein, 2010). And they’re also observing the behavior of users as they interact with this content and with other users to leverage this knowledge to better-target marketing and sales campaigns. The risk of acting without actionable information is that it leaves decision-makers with only speculation.

Therefore, they do not have necessarily accurate information on the greatest risks of a decision, nor do they have adequate research on threat information. This is a risk of acting without actionable information because decision-makers can only speculate alerts, responses, situational awareness, and mitigation analyses (Bury & Atchison, 2007). Actionable information IS essential to making business decisions because it provides insight on current conditions and future action plans. It also provides insight into future goals and the adjustment of current goals.

Although actionable information’s real importance is as a communication tool throughout all levels of the organization, which enables companies to perform at this peak (Stoats, 2009). Conclusion In the United States of America, a country with a free media and a robust partisan debate will have difficulty providing its citizens with actionable information so they can protect their families from any threat to their health or safety. By actionable information mean accurate facts and reasonable interpretations of those facts on which a citizen should rely in making seasonable judgments.

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