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Google Glass, Good or Bad Google Glass, the future has arrived. Being able to use the computer with only your head has always been thought of as futuristic but this technology may already be here. Google announced its new project, project glass, in January 2013, and it took the world by surprise, no one thought it was capable to search the web, take a video, or even text someone using only glasses. Google X Lab is developing Glass and Project Glass leader Babak Parviz announced the new project on Google+. Can technologies like Google glass really exists, what impact could this have on the world, and could they possibly be harmful?

What exactly is Google Glass? Google Glass is a new technology being developed by Google X Lab that will allow the user to use the Internet, text someone or even translate a phrase using nothing but your voice and a pair of glasses. They are head-mounted glasses that can shoot video, take pictures, and broadcast what you’re seeing to the world. They are a wearable set of glasses, or sunglasses with a small screen just and a camera above your right eye. You need only to talk to operate them and Google announced that the starting price for their glasses, that will hopefully be available by the end of the year, will be 1500 dollars.

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These glasses are turning everybody’s heads and having them wondering, are these glasses safe, what are the pros and the cons and what is next for Google. Although this new product may seem great and amazing and futuristic it can have some serious side effects and repercussions. One repercussion of this new device could be that is may be an invasion of people’s privacy. The use of this technology could encourage the action of people who like to capture images without permission, it would get much more difficult to review them and stop them.

Google Glass can be a very powerful weapon for those who like to invade the privacy of others. With great discretion, anyone could even record videos of strangers in embarrassing situations. Another danger of these glasses is that they could likely cause more car accidents if no new laws are passed. Talking on the phone and texting causes most car accidents; just imagine how many more car accidents would take place if you had a computer right in front of your face when driving. These are just some consequences of Google glass. There could also be physical repercussions of Google glass.

By this I mean that Google glass could have side effects on your body. If cell phones and laptops can produce harmful radiation waves it is not hard to imagine that Google Glass can offer the same risks as it communicates by Bluetooth and 3G connections. The waves from the new Google glass may cause more damage than the ones from the cell phones because the new Google glass is supposed to be attached to your head all the time the waves are now closer to your brain potentially causing more damage than phones because phones are not attached to your head all day long. This is the side effect Google glass could have on your body.

There is no question that the new Google Glasses are different and unique, the features Google is promising with their new glasses can be truly revolutionary technology. But are the side effects really worth the risks. These glasses have the potential to invade the privacy of others, cause more car accidents, and even damage your brain. But these are just potential dangers that the device may have, we will not be sure until the glasses are released to the public. The new age of technology is here but is it really a safer age. http://www. abctrick. net/2012/08/five-reasons-to-fear-google-project-glass. html

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