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In Edward I. Koch’s essay. “Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life” . readers view the sentiments Koch has toward the decease punishment in today’s universe. Koch reviews a assortment of alibis to get rid of the decease punishment. He argues the importance of the decease punishment. every bit good as. argues alibis of the decease punishment oppositions. He argues the moralss and political relations towards the importance and support of the decease punishment. In the undermentioned essay readers will see an rating of Koch’s essay. The rating will: incorporate a brief overview of Koch’s essay. province whether or non Koch’s statements were strong and persuasive. and province whether the essay was successful in what it was seeking to state.

The essay. “Death and Justice” . contains several of Koch’s statements toward the decease punishment. He begins his statements by analysing the statement. “The decease punishment is ‘barbaric’” ( Koch. 715 ) . That entirely comes off really strong to readers and he continues to utilize strong words. such as horrify. He so goes on to compare the decease punishment to happening a remedy for malignant neoplastic disease in order to convert readers that the decease punishment is needed in order to digest unfairness. it was really persuasive and passionate. Traveling on to his 2nd statement. Koch goes into speaking about how the United States is one of few other states that even has a decease punishment. He goes into utilizing statistics in this statement in order to seek to turn out his point to readers.

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This statement was non as strong and passionate as the last one and it wasn’t really convincing because all it contained were surveies and Numberss. which can do the reader become less interested in what the writer is seeking to state. In Koch’s 3rd statement he starts off by stating that. “An guiltless individual might lie executed by mistake” ( Koch. 716 ) . This comes off really strong and persuasive. but so Koch goes into speaking about how “Human life deserves particular protection. and one of the best ways to vouch that protection is to guarantee that convicted liquidators do non kill again” ( Koch. 716 ) . which is the entire antonym of what his first sentence stated. This seems to confound readers and do them unsure of his statements.

The following statement that Koch has with the decease punishment is that he talks about the value of human life. Koch comes off really strong in this statement because of his belief that “by demanding the highest punishment for the pickings of human life that we affirm the highest value of human life” ( Koch. 717 ) . In Koch’s 5th statement readers it seems like it wasn’t really necessary to hold in the essay because even he says that “This factor no longer seems to be the job it one time was” ( Koch. 717 ) . This right off throws readers off because why would it be in the essay if it isn’t even a job any longer. As readers continue they come to an statement that has to make with the Bible.

The Bible is ever a really convincing subject. This statement is non really convincing because Koch attempts to establish his statement on the fact that one of the commandments province that “Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder” . but this is easy thrown off because another of the commandments are “Thou Shalt Not Kill” . Giving person the decease punishment is making the same thing as what that individual did to acquire at that place. Finally. in Koch’s last statement he states the province has rights. He comes away really strong in this statement and attempts to convert readers by stating them the narrative of Kitty Genovese. Though some of Koch’s statements were strong and persuasive was his essay successful?

Edward Koch. the former city manager of New York City. wrote this essay in order to convert people that the decease punishment should be allowed because it gets rid of liquidators and it gives liquidators what they deserve. Koch was able to split his essay into seven statements that discuss his positions on the decease punishment in different facets of life. First of all. it seemed like Koch tried to turn out his points excessively much. he seemed to utilize excessively many statistics and people to endorse up his points. This made me believe that if he needs this many beginnings to endorse his statements so possibly he is merely seeking to intimidate people into believing that his statements are true. The fact that he was city manager of New York City was converting plenty for me and I’m sure it was for most readers.

Personally. I didn’t happen the essay really converting. One of the lines that helped me do this determination was when Koch stated that “If authorities functioned merely when the possibility of mistake didn’t exist. authorities wouldn’t map at all” ( 716 ) . This line seemed to do that whole statement be false. Koch was seeking to state that if a individual commits slaying they deserve to decease. but alternatively he loses readers because he compares guiltless people traveling to the decease punishment to the authorities doing errors. which I must state was non a really good comparing for a former city manager. Overall. I found Koch’s try to be unsuccessful in acquiring it’s point across. I think that if Koch chose his statements more sagely so he would hold had a more successful essay.

Though Edward I. Koch was a former city manager his positions toward the decease punishment can non be wholly supported by his essay “Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life” . Overall. I felt that the essay was merely based on Hammurabi’s Code. which states “An oculus for an oculus. a tooth for a tooth” . Koch should look into what his statements are following clip alternatively of merely seeking to happen support for what he is seeking to state.

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