Defensive strategies to fight off unwanted takeover attempts

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Paul Burns ( 2007 ) said Amalgamations and acquisitions are often used by enterprisers as a tool for accomplishing rapid growing and besides as a short-cut to variegation. Kraft made a ?10.2 billion coup d’etat offer for the long-established British confectionery group Cadbury who makes Dairy Milk and Bourneville cocoa on September 7, 2009. After several commands by Kraft and successful defense mechanisms by Cadbury, Cadbury became portion of Kraft Foods eventually on the February 2, 2010 by ?12 billion. ( Weardon: 2010 )

This essay will depict what types of defensive schemes available to aim companies when it receives a coup d’etat offer. It will particular explicate some defensive schemes that Cadbury used to contend against Kraft.

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Defensive Schemes

Presents, directors have come up with a figure of defensive schemes to contend off unwanted coup d’etat efforts. They are ( Hiller, Grinblatt and Titman, 2008: p.744 ) :

Paying greenmail, or purchasing back the bidder ‘s stock at a significant premium over its market monetary value on status that the bidder suspend his or her command ;

Making staggered board footings and supermajority regulations, which can maintain a bidder from taking over the house even if he or she accumulates more than 50 per cent of the mark house ‘s portions ;

Introducing toxicant pills, which provide valuable rights to aim stockholders who choose non to tender their portions ;

Lobbying for antitakeover statute law.

P. S. Sudarsanam ( 1955 ) said the best signifier of defense mechanism is being prepared. Ageless watchfulness is so the monetary value of independency for a company which is a likely coup d’etat mark. However, the best-laid strategic defensive programs might travel amiss and the company, holding become a mark, needs battlefield tactical programs. He besides pointed out one can therefore split defensive schemes into pre-paid and post-offer classs. Each of these classs of defense mechanism encompasses an extended scope of arms.

The best defense mechanism available to a house is to guarantee that there are efficient operations and schemes deliver cost, high net income borders and high net incomes per portion If a hostile command is driven by the desire to make stockholder value. ( Sudarsanam, 1995 )

The house must take portion in a consistent programme of educating the stockholders, analysts and media that its policies are truly value heightening. There the company experiences reverses because of the economic rhythm or the reconstituting it has undertaken, it must do a believable instance to the analysts and puting establishments that the reverses are so impermanent. The company needs to maintain a close ticker on unusual portion monetary value motions or portion purchases to see whether any possible stockholders are constructing up to accept the command. ( Sudarsanam, 1995 )

In the UK, under the Code, the offer period is in most instance limited to 60 yearss from the poster of the offer papers by the bidder, adding urgency to the mark ‘s tactics. Additional, regulation 21 of the Code imposes upon the mark direction the duty to acquire blessing of their stockholders for any frustrating action, which is defined widely to include the undermentioned: ( Sudarsanam, 1995: p.200 )

Issue of portions, or options or securities exchangeable into portions.

Disposal or acquisition of assets of a material amount-normally 10 per cent of the mark ‘s assts.

Contracts made except in the ordinary class of concern.

Golden parachutes arranged at the oncoming of a command or when it is at hand.

Despite the above restraints, a scope of tactics are still available in contested commands. ( Sudarsanam, 1995: p.201 )

Defense mechanism

Description and intent

First response and preemption missive

Attack command logic and monetary value ; rede mark stockholders non to accept.

Defence papers

Praise ain public presentation and chances ; deride command monetary value and logic, signifier of finance and marauder ‘s path record.

Net income report/forecast

Report or forecast improved net incomes for past/current twelvemonth to do offer expression cheap.

Promise higher future dividends

Increase returns to stockholders ; weaken marauder ‘s promise of superior returns.

Asset reappraisal

Revalue belongingss, intangibles and trade names ; demo command undervalues mark.

Share support run

Expression for white knight or white squire ; enlist ain employee pension fund or employee portion ownership program ; try to barricade control.

Regulative entreaty

Lobby antitrust/regulatory governments to barricade command.


To implement antimonopoly regulations or force revelation of nominee stockholders.

Acquisition and divestment

Buy a concern to do mark bigger or incompatible with bidder ; sell ‘crown gems ‘ ; organize a direction buyout ; command cost higher and bidder scheme thrown into confusion.


Enlist to buttonhole antimonopoly governments or politicians and to assail bidder ‘s programs for mark.


Enlist to buttonhole antimonopoly governments or to demo dealingss with them will be jeopardised if marauder wins.

Red herring

Attack marauder on peripheral affairs.


Media run to discredit command.

Other than Rule 21 of the Code, there are besides regulations of the Code are relevant to aim ‘s defensive scheme. Rule 19 requires that each papers issued to stockholders must fulfill the highest criterion of truth, and that the information contained must be adequately and reasonably presented. Ads must in most instances be cleared by the Panel and must avoid statements and invective. ( Sudarsanam, 1995 )

Net income prognosiss are required by Rule 28 to be complied with scrupulous attention, and the mark ‘s fiscal advisor and accountant must guarantee that they are so prepared. The coverage comptroller ‘s consent to the prognosis must attach to it. The panel proctors these prognosiss long after terminal of the command, to see whether there was any calculated deformation of the prognosiss in the visible radiation of information available at the clip the prognosiss were made. Similarly, under Rule 29, plus ratings must be supported by an independent valuer. ( Sudarsanam, 1995 )

Defensive Schemes used by Cadbury

On September 7, 2009, Kraft made a ?10.2 billion coup d’etat offer for Cadbury. What Cadbury did was assail the command monetary value ( ‘First response and preemption missive ‘ described by Sudarsanam ) , as Roger Carr, president of Cadbury, said: “ Kraft is seeking to purchase Cadbury on the cheap to supply much needed growing to their unattractive low-growth pudding stone concern theoretical account. Do n’t allow Kraft steal your company with its derisory offer ” ( Leroux: 2009 ) . And this scheme was uninterrupted used by Cadbury in the undermentioned commands. Cadbury besides advised mark stockholders non to accept the offer. ‘Cadbury described the command as hostile and told its stockholders that Kraft needs to be stopped from stealing the company with its offer ‘ ( Weldon: 2010 ) .

Roger Carr besides said: “ Kraft ‘s offer is really significantly below all comparable minutess in the sector ; using any of the comparable multiples would connote a monetary value per portion far above Kraft ‘s offer. Over half the offer consideration is in the signifier of Kraft portions, exposing our stockholders to Kraft ‘s low growing pudding stone concern theoretical account, its long history of under-performance and its path record of lost marks. ” ( Associated Press, 2009 ) . It was ‘Red herring ‘ scheme, exposed the public presentation and its concern that Kraft ever did, to assail marauder on peripheral affairs.

Then Cadbury reported the net incomes of past twelvemonth and forecasted improved net incomes for current and future twelvemonth to do offer expression inexpensive ( ‘Profit report/forecast ‘ scheme explained by Sudarsanam ) . When Kraft offer the monetary value, Cadbury ‘s shaper of Dairy Milk cocoa and Dentyne gum, said it expected to describe a 5 per centum growing in concern gross for 2009 or 11 per centum higher on an existent currency footing. It said it had improved its trading border by 1.55 per centum points to 13.5 per centum ( Associated Imperativeness: 2009 ) . ‘Cadbury has a few long-run marks that it would wish to run into such as turning gross revenues by 5-7 per centum over the following four old ages every bit good as increasing borders to 16-18 per centum by 2013 ‘ ( Weldon: 2010 ) .

Besides, Cadbury used ‘unions or work force ‘ scheme and ‘Advertisement ( interview by BBC ) ‘ . In an interview with the BBC World Service Mr Carr ( Cadbury president ) said he thought current coup d’etat Torahs were unjust. He argued that where a hostile coup d’etat command is mounted and fails, the failed buyer should be required to pay the costs run up by the mark company. In this instance it would intend Kraft paying Cadbury ‘s significant costs in mounting its defense mechanism ( BBC: 2009 ) .


Corporate directors frequently react negatively to unasked coup d’etat commands. One would trust that their motivation in making so is to accomplish the highest possible value for the house ‘s portions instead than simply exhibiting the Principle of Self-Interested Behaviour to protect their occupations. The tribunals have by and large held that the managers of a house have a duty to obtain maximal value for stockholders ( Emery, Finnerty and Stowe, 2004: p.820 ) .

In Cadbury ‘s instance, it used some defensive schemes to contend against Kraft clip by clip. However, when Kraft offered a ?12 billion command, Cadbury stopped to rejecting it. This was because the offer gave a really high value than Cadbury can make by itself in the undermentioned twelvemonth. To maximum the value for stockholders, the best manner was to accept the offer instead than defence it once more.

Overall, Cadbury had successfully used the defensive schemes to make a high value, to do maximal value for stockholders.

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