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We never know the exact date when maturity will hit a peak in our lives, but we always tend to misconception when it does decide to visit. Struggled with the anticipation of maturity when I was young, wishing it would come quickly. I thought it would bring with it promises of freedom and privacy. I welcoming opened several doors for this phase of civilization and sophistication to enter my life.

Through my teenage years, I carried with me an imaginary trophy reading “I’m Mature and Extravagant”, thinking I had meow achieved my level Of wisdom at its finest without a significant event. As a young adult, I believed that my mature growth was long overdue, and probably long past. Yet, these were all false occasions. Maturity hits hard and without hesitation. My realization of immatureness appeared with little notice and in a strange location. I purchased a concert ticket, like have done many times before, to a popular indoor venue where I had seen several of my favorite bands.

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Ten years ago I was one of the youngest in the crowd; however on this day I stood as significantly older than most. Without much thought, I followed some subconscious instincts and congregated with a group of people positioned at a far area from the stage that I had never been to before. I held an alcoholic beverage in my left hand, although I was indifferent to the excitement it once used to provide me. I wandered up stairs, positioning myself on a balcony with my new calm and mellow companions. In front of me was an overlook of the audience below.

At this point in my evening expected to be staring at the stage with anticipation of the band I was there to see, but I found myself glancing at the crowd below me instead. This crowd at the lower level, beneath where stood, had no alcohol in their hands, yet a sense of energy sorer through their bodies like a unified spirit and their faces lit up with intensity. Arms were raised and voices were cheering. Not a single body stood still on that floor. There was a sense of vitality in these individuals. Recognized the scene in front of me immediately.

Down below is where I used to be before this date. Maturity cannot be defined with age. It is a theoretical wall between who we once were and who we are today. On one side of this wall lies our early takes of life where we discover who we want to be; it is riddled with trials and errors of us trying to become someone. On the other side of the wall is a much more steady state of personality, where we accept ourselves as much more complete individuals. This process Of development can happen at any point in a person’s life.

How are we to know who we are, if we cannot identify the building blocks in our lives that made us that way? Being able to step back and examine ourselves with honesty is maturity. This step is crucial. As I stood on the balcony, caught myself no longer thinking about my future, but hinging about my past. I reminisced situations instead of imagined. Down below me were depictions of my former self, full of stamina. Now, stood a much more bold and mellow individual, however, can view these people below me with a new understanding of the social world. Each new layer of awareness; each expansion of perspective that a person grows is simultaneously both more objective; offering a better, wider perspective on the social world than did the prior understanding” (mentally. Net). Recognized the worry free faces these younger individuals wore, most likely associated with little responsibility. I wore that face too ten years ago, but now I contemplated how to catch a cab home early that night. Maturity necessitates that we face our responsibilities in life.

We are not a successful mature individual unless we are able to delay gratification by taking fundamental steps in performing our obligations first. “The reality is unless we act responsibly and admit, confront, and resolve our personal issues, we are destined to repeat them. It’s either resolution or repetition. ” (catches. Org) This is not always an easy trait. The warm beer in my hand sparked an urge to it a local pub promptly after the concert There was an imaginary tug at my sleeve to enjoy the late hours of the night.

These sensations all fade quickly as my developed individualism steps in and advocates otherwise. This responsible part of me did not exist several years ago, however several years ago I was not mature. Continuing to peer down at the bodies below me, I noticed they held different types of expressions, lighting up their community with faces of joy, anxiety, excitement, etc. My face had been harmonious as I stood amongst my low-key crowd. Yet, I don’t believe the group below and I shared a efferent type of emotion within ourselves.

We were all enthusiastic to be there, but our passions were expressed a little differently. Maturity once again had separated me from these individuals. Maturity at some point in our lives teaches us how to hold our emotions in for only the most elated of events. We pass through struggles and hardships in our lives that train our body and mind to suppress reaction. We slowly learn to conceal our desire to cry or mourn unless deemed necessary. On a countered perspective, we also experience the most elated of events and eventually discipline our happier motions as well.

Here was, concealing my excitement, but still felt the same joy as my friends down below. “It isn’t enough to be able to identify your own emotions. You also need to be able to identify, and relate to, the emotions of others. When you have empathy for other people, only good things can come: understanding, compromise, and a greater emotional intelligence all around. ” (demy. Com) I felt no remorse in these moments, as I examined the inexperienced society underneath me one last time. There was no regret in my heart for the decisions made to become who I am.

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