Deforestation satire

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So, what am I going to discuss? Well, let me be direct and straightforward. *pause* *sigh* If you prefer a proper introduction, then here it is: Have you ever decided to go for a walk outside to exercise and enjoy the sun? (Let’s assume you have for the purpose of this essay). Then suddenly, you realize that something is missing. That thing happens to be crucial. In fact, your life depends on it. That thing, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than the forest, along with its accompanying birds, bees, flowers, and of course, trees! Although this scenario probably hasn’t happened to you (the whole “OMG,the forest disappeared!” situation), rest assured that it has transpired in Australia and South America where rainforests are annually burned and chopped down. Hence we have deforestation. Yes, that’s correct. Finally,I have delved into the topic,and if it wasn’t clear already,I strongly oppose this ongoing issue in our world.Allow me to elucidate the world’s imaginable state without trees and why we require them.

To start, try to imagine a world devoid of trees and plants. However, before doing so, remember that this scenario means no oxygen for us to breathe – ultimately leading to our demise. Unless, of course, we all wore air bubbles around our heads as a means of survival. While this might decrease germ exposure, it would also result in suffocation from constantly inhaling carbon-intoxicated air. The notion of a bio dome has been proposed by some individuals but is impractical due to limited space and an unbearable odor. Trees and forests play a vital role in our lives by absorbing carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and exhaling clean oxygen during respiration – thereby enabling plants to produce their own nourishment using solar energy. If only humans could do the same, then forests would be unnecessary! Despite claims that love is irreplaceable, I firmly believe that oxygen holds even greater significance. Just imagine couples attempting physical affection while simultaneously experiencing suffocation or displaying signs of cyanosis. It would be utterly unattainable.

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The displacement of many species from their natural habitats due to deforestation leads to wild animals like wolves, foxes, and possums searching for shelter elsewhere. Unfortunately, without forests, they often end up in residential areas or near roadsides. It is highly unlikely that anyone would want to clean bloody remains off their car windshields every morning while going to work. This situation is not only heartbreaking but also cruel. It is difficult to understand why we would sacrifice numerous species solely for the purpose of using paper or completing homework assignments. Although education is important, there are alternative methods available today to replace paper usage and potentially even eliminate homework with advancements in technology.

Deforestation not only leads to a change in scenery but also affects various individuals. This includes artists, gardeners, photographers, directors, landscapers, hunters, campers, and tree-huggers. Additionally, young members of the future generation who have expressed an interest in nature on their multiple intelligence quizzes are also affected. The loss of forests means the disappearance of beautiful and magical woods that could bring fairytales to life. Moreover, without trees, there will be no shade to seek comfort from the sun, resulting in dry and hardened earth. This renders the extra space left by deforestation ineffective for agriculture. The absence of large masses of trees also removes the protection against strong winds and heavy storms. Therefore, caution must be exercised when using an umbrella, as there is a risk of being blown away like Mary Poppins. Apart from the fun context, strong winds and temperature changes can prove to be harmful to other plants, animals, and humans. Thus, it is imperative to stay alert to avoid being carried away by nature’s forces.

In conclusion, I have a simple solution to prevent the aforementioned scenarios. Never cut down a single tree, not even a branch! I understand this may not be entirely practical since wood and paper are considered necessities, but at the very least, plant a tree for every one you destroy. Alternatively, you could acquire your own plot of land and cultivate a forest, despite it possibly taking a lifetime; witness the rejuvenation brought about by animals and organisms. In addition, you could immerse yourself in a fairytale-like environment within its depths and enjoy breathing oxygen-rich air (although it may not be entirely pollution-free). Apart from that, you can expect a happy ending with your prince charming or princess! Then, feel free to assert “I told you so” regarding love’s superiority over oxygen. However, I am not entirely convinced and challenge you to write an essay aiming to persuade me otherwise!

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