Case From Practice: Delegating Assignment

Clarify the Assignment Rocky Lee has already taken a few of the most important steps in delegating. That is determining not only exactly what is to be delegated but, who would be the most capable person of carrying out the task.

In this case Lee has selected Bill Harmon to rewrite the procedures manuals for negotiating contracts with office products manufactures. Harmon was chosen because of his experience, he has been in the contracts group for the last three years. Lee should make sure that Harmon knows the parameters of what rewriting should include and hat the assignment is due one week before the end of the month.

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Lee should give Harmon the freedom to complete the task how he see fit, and telling him one week before the end of the month gives Lee time to review it prior to the deadline that was giving to him by his manager. Specify employee range of discretion When providing the range of discretion for an employee that a manager is delegating an assignment to he would have to be specific on what is required. Lee must be clear to Harmon on what the parameters are for these procedure manuals so Harmon will not write only what he thinks should be in manual.

By setting these parameters early Harmon know what he can and what he cannot say with any ambiguity. Allowing employee to participate As a manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure there is an equal opportunity for employee to participate with an open mind. Employee must open them self to new ideas and alternatives in order for participative and Manager should encourage his team for participative approach. When Lee is delegating his work to Bill Harmon, it’s his responsibility to make sure; he is sharing all the required information to complete the task and keeps motivating Bill on giving him positive dieback.

He should also encourage bill on thinking out of box ideas which will help him to be more productive. Inform others that delegation has occurred When Lee is delegating it’s his task to Bill it’s his responsibility to update his subordinates and his manager Ann on the progress of the tasks. Lee should make sure he shares all the projects details including the delivery dates. He should also set up weekly status meeting on monitoring the project health. Establish feedback channels Establishing a feedback channels is an important to ensure it’s being done erectly and into given specifications.

Lee should follow up with Harmon periodically to see how the task is progressing and if there are any questions that need to be answered, or he needs any further clarification. Once Harmon has completed the task, it is important for Lee and Gumball evaluate the manual, and provide feedback to Harmon and acknowledge and applaud his success!


Many projects and issues are complex, therefore managers will be pressed for times to address issues in a timely manner. The manager can delegate work.

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