India – the World I Came From

For the majority of my life, I have lived in India. I moved to the US in 8th grade. I still remember the last few days in India, reminiscing all the good times I had with my friends and family. Those days when I used to go to the school soccer field in the warm evening with my friend to play. Those nights when the electricity would go out and my family would sit down in one room and eat dinner with my Grandpa telling stories of his old days in the Indian army. All the times when we celebrated the wide variety of festivals. There was this bitter feeling inside me, knowing that I will have to leave all this behind and start a completely new life. I had to make new friends; I had to live in a new environment. It felt like a great challenge at that time. But my family knew they had to move away from the flawed school system in India, where the rich would get the best education and the poor would get the inadequate. They knew I had a better chance of being successful in life, if we moved to the US. From among my family and friends, I felt like the lucky one because I was getting this opportunity to better my life. Now in the US, I see my parents work hard everyday to make money and be able to fulfill my needs.

They try to get me the optimal things for my sports and education. Often times I would see my mom come home from long day of work, tired and worn out, complaining of back pains and headaches. At those times I would think to myself that, my parents didn’t have to move to the US. They were better off in India, where we had servants taking care of the stuff at home and my parents with their comfortable jobs. But they moved to the US for me and I believe that it is my job to get a good education and become successful in life so that they can feel like they made the right decision by moving to US. Since the day I realized how hard my parents are working to help me succeed, it has become my goal to repay and thank them for everything they have done for me. I could not be anymore happier than the day I have achieved my goals and made my parents proud.

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