India – the World I Came From

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Throughout the majority of my life, I lived in India. However, in 8th grade, I moved to the US. Although I left behind cherished memories with friends and family – like playing soccer on warm evenings or gathering together during power outages while my Grandpa shared stories from his time in the Indian army and celebrating festivals together – I knew that starting a new life meant leaving everything behind.

The challenge of making new friends and adapting to a different environment initially felt overwhelming. Nevertheless, my family acknowledged the necessity of escaping India’s flawed education system where quality education was only accessible to the wealthy, while those living in poverty received insufficient support.

Therefore, they believed that by relocating to the US, my prospects for success would greatly improve. Amongst my family and friends, I consider myself fortunate for having this opportunity for a better life. Currently residing in the US, I witness my parents diligently working every day to earn money and meet my needs.

Despite the comfort of their life in India, my parents made the decision to move to the US for my benefit. They tirelessly strive to provide me with the best options for both sports and education, even if it means leaving my mother exhausted and drained with backaches and headaches after a long day of work. Witnessing their hard work has only fueled my ambition to repay them and express gratitude for everything they have done. It is now my responsibility to obtain a quality education and achieve success as a way of justifying their sacrifice. The day I accomplish my goals and make them proud is an indescribably joyful day for me.

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