Practicing Catholic life

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I attended a church in Kirkland with my grandmother, who has been a devoted Catholic for her whole life. The church had a warm and inviting ambiance. The building itself had a modest design, lacking extravagant decor. Its architecture was uncomplicated, resembling that of other smaller churches. A notable feature was the steep slope on the roof, which is common in church architecture. Inside, rows of pews stretched from the front where the altar was located, all the way to the back.

The altar was adorned with an organ, a large cross, and a hanging medium-sized stained glass. People of various ages participated in the service. The officiants of the mass were dressed in white robes, while the pastor wore a yellow sash in addition to his white robe. Upon entering the church, ushers distributed bulletins and assisted with finding seating for each group. At the start of the service, a group of young boys brought candles and incense to the altar and also joined the choir. Communion was also observed, where individuals approached the pastor to receive a wafer and a sip of wine.

During the mass, the pastor conducted songs with the assistance of a choir comprising young adults and dad Its. It was evident that most of the attendees were familiar with the lyrics and didn’t require the song sheets. Additionally, the pastor recited passages from the Bible, offered prayers, and highlighted notable events and articles in the bulletin. The service also included a series of baptisms, where parents brought their children to the pastor, who then said a prayer and submerged their faces in water.

Throughout the mass, an altar server aided the pastor in both the baptism and overall service. Towards the conclusion of the service, a donation basket circulated for individuals to contribute to the church. Lasting about an hour and a half, I found it captivating to observe. Accompanied by a family member who was familiar with and actively participated in the service, I didn’t feel like an outsider despite not actively joining in prayer and song.

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