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Become A Practicing Nurse

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    Like many, I can’t say as always been a life long dream for me. I didn’t grow up with a family of physicians or nurses. As a young a child child growing up in Haiti I always wanted to become a teacher. I remember playing classroom with my friends and correcting their homework or helping them with homeworks. I came to the United States 20 years ago and knowing little to know English but also didn’t know anything about healthcare. My interest in nursing started when my mother was first diagnosed with cancer. I sat and listened to the physicians who used mainly medical terminology and I didn’t even know what question to ask. I was afraid and uncertain about what to expect. The following day my mother’s primary oncologist called me which i very much appreciated but I was still in the dark.

    During of her second round of treatment I met with a nurse who sat down with my sister and I and explained her diagnosis with us. My mother’s nurses were always empathic, considerate and treated her as an individual. They always explained every step to us and every tasks being performed. The compasionate care provided to my mother, and how they interracted with us was enough to direct me into the nursing profession. My career in health care and my education in nursing have been in steps so far and that have worked well for me. I was a medical assisant and phlebotomy for a couple of years while taking prerequisites to enter nursing school.

    After obtaining my associate degree in 2009, I enrolled in school to obtain my bachelor’s degree. For many years I worked in Primary Care, I enjoyed interracting with my patients on a regular basis, seeing them growing and forming a unique bond with thier families. As a Primary Care nurse, I was their first line of medical care. And I was not only treating the patients but I was also treating their families. I was sad to leave my job as a primary care RN but I was ready for the next step from medical to surgical in Urology, which ultimately lead to my position in the Emergency Room. I love bedside nursing, I love taking care and interacting with my patients. While my goal was to return to school many years ago, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to work in the Emergency with so many great RNs, APRNs, and other amazing health care profesionals.

    I love being a nurse but I recognize my yearning to advance my degree and completing the next step in my career. This will be a an amazing oppotunity to increase my overall understanding in science and to provide me the professional latitude to manage my patient overall health, and emphasis in prevention and education of health issues. As I reflect on the reasons why I want to become a nurse practitioner, I always revert back to my mother and the feelings we had when she was receving chemotherapy treatments. I remember the dedication of her phycisians, and the kindness and compassion my families received from the nurses. My upbringing, education and work ethics who I am today but also have prepared me to be where I am in life and in my career and where I would like to be years from now. I selected Regis College for my nurse practitioner because of its academic reputation and dedication to prepare future health care professionals. I believe this program will provide what I need to succeed if given the opportunity.

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