Descriptive: Life in Dormitory

Life in Dormitory I don’t want to be restricted. I am a foreign college student, which means I have to live In the dormitory. However, the life of dormitory Is absolutely opposite to my expectation. The more I expect the more I loses hope. From the first time I move Into the dormitory, I get Limit and be eager to move out. My life In the dormitory Is lust Like a nightmare. Before 8:10 a. M. , the first class In the morning, I had already felt powerless due to the dormitory rules. In the bright new day, I used to jog a couple hours to stats my day.

However, this hobby had been stop because of the dormitory as not able to open the door before 6:00 a. M. I could understand the reason why school draw up this rule. To prevent the dangerous situation happened, the university had to think of a method to protect student’s safety. From my point of view, it really brought inconvenient to me. What’s more, when I dressed up myself and ready to go, the traffic Jam appeared in forint of me. The gateway was too small to let pass so many student at once. At this moment, I had been shot by a sharp look, the guard. She sat beside the gateway, staring at each student.

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If someone touch the automatically door or contravene the regulation of entrance only and exits only, she would rush as fast as she could to register your name then gave punish to you. Until I passed the gateway, I felt Like go through thick and thin. After the morning classes had finished, somehow, awkward fact directly influence came through to me. There was an elevator establish in the corner of the dormitory, yet students could not use it. Compare to the new girl’s dormitory, which is bright and new, they had two elevators that provided to student to the floor they lived.

It was truly Incomprehensible for us about could not use the elevator. Unfortunately, I lived in the top of the building. When every time I went upstairs, it’s a nightmare. From evening until night should be my favorite period of the day, however, it would never be that easy. Before entered the university, we imagined how wonderful the college life would be. We expect the life will be free, without restriction, and cheerful. However, when 10:30 p. M. Came, this delightful condition changes Into the day we still lived In our hometown. Just Like the circumstance In Cinderella. 10:30 the dormitory guarded entrance time.

Students needed to get back into the dormitory or you might be unwished. It was impossible for college students not to go out at night, which their college was so close to the night market. I still remembered there were approximately five days of a week I had to run like a panther to enter in time. Exceeding the setting time, dormitory invented a punishment. The more you exceed, the more pointed you will lost. 12:00 p. M. Was the turning point of the strict losing pointed system. After 12:00, students would lose double point each hour. Moreover, the roll calls rules were also how serious it was. At 10:30 p. M. Students not only have to abide by the eared entrance time but also the roll calls regulation. The roll calls were also incomprehensible. During you enter the automatic door, students had already inducted through the Inductor by your student Identity card, yet you still have to finish roll calls In person. You might be wondered what the latter meant. Roll calls In person meant you have to wait in your room until 10:30 p. M. , and then the dormitory you got to bed early, you still had to finish the process. The behavior I could not understand was that the dormitory employees would climb up to our bed to make sure your identity.

Although I did not have that kind of experience, I still feel it was a invasive privacy action. At midnight, the major light in each room would be turning off automatically at once. Rooms will become a dark space which you had to rely on the flashlight. Independent life seems was a dream in the reality. That was my nightmare. The time flash passes so quickly, I can still recall the daily in dormitory. The atmosphere is full of happiness but lots of inconvenient. Nowadays, when I do thought the dormitory, the strong feeling come to me. Suddenly, the relieved impression tells me that I have already moved out from the nightmare

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