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Descriptive on Lake Tahoe



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    Get out of here, Foster; you know Jason is going to story you, ” Sam said with a look in his eye that could scare anyone. ” “Hey, I will take you at any time or place. ” Ryan looked at me with a disgusted look. ” ” How about a little pre-competition today after school at the beach in front of our house? ‘ Sam said ” “l will be there! ” Ryan stormed off, flipping us off as he walked away. ” “How could you do this to me? I said incredulously and abruptly walked away to my next class. ” The rest of my day was awful. Half of it was spent freaking out about going up @against Ryan right after school and the rest of the time thinking about the competition later that day. As the end of the day rolled around, I began to become more and more scared. Sweating and fidgeting became almost natural parts of the last hour of school. Finally the time had come, the bell rang and everyone In my last down at my feet that were quivering in fear. When I hadn’t come out of my classroom for 20 minutes after class, Sam came in to get me. “What’s wrong Ease? ” he said with actual concern in his eyes. ” “Are you kidding? ” I replied with more venom than I should have. ” “l am scared out of my mind to surf against Ryan. You know that he is going to try to pull something like cutting me off. I could drown, you know! I screamed at Sam. I could see a wall break past his eyes, and he fell against that wall. He was desperately trying to figure out what to do. ” “l figured out a way to get you out of this mess,” he said trailing off at the end. ” “What!?! What!?

    Anything that will work? ” I asked. ” “How about this; I will take your place in the face off with Ryan, then you will be fine for the competition tomorrow, even if Ryan tries to pull something. ” Sam told me this with a little sigh of resignation because he knew he wouldn’t be able to beat Ryan, and he might get hurt. “l can’t let you do that,” I said in a small voice. ” ” It is my mess, and I am going to fix it,” Sam said before he walked out of the room. AY” I went home, did my homework, ate some dinner, and then Just waited for Sam to get home.

    Now some of you might be wondering where are our parents? You thought I was going to say they were dead, didn’t you? Well no, they’re Just on vacation and left my brother and me at home to care of ourselves. I waited for three hours. It was about 11 o’clock and still no sign of Sam. I decided that he might Just be off with his girlfriend and spending the night there. I went to sleep feeling better about my brother. ” The next morning was the competition, I got all of my stuff together, had a good breakfast, but still no sign of Sam.

    I was feeling a little scared but I still kept making excuses about him being at a friend’s house or still with his girlfriend, so I just decided to get down to the beach to get ready for the competition. Everyone knew that this was going to be a two way battle between me and Ryan Foster. ” When I finally got to the beach I parked my car next to the sign-up tent. As I got out of the car I spotted Ryan Foster near the tent. He looked as if everything were perfect, as if he had the competition in the bag. As I walked over, he looked like he had seen a ghost.

    But suddenly it was wiped off his face as if he had realized something. ” “Sam, I didn’t know you were doing this competition? ” he said to me. I started to reply, saying I wasn’t Sam, but then I stopped myself. Something must have happened if he thought I was my brother. He must have done something that caused the real Sam, who he thought was me, Jason, to not come to the competition. My heart dropped, thinking of what could have happened to my brother. I almost started crying managing that my brother Sam had drowned somewhere in the ocean.

    I took a second, collected myself, and then decided that I had to beat Ryan to avenge my brother. A good way to do this was for Ryan to still think I was my brother. Aim, I just decided to do this competition after Jason didn’t come home last night,” I said. ” “Oh well, you have even a smaller chance than your brother did of beating me. If I was you I’d give up now! ” Ryan said with a disgusted look on his face. ” “We’ll see about that! ” I walked away with a determined fire I had never felt before. ” As the competition began it was obvious who was going to be in the finals. Ryan beat everyone he went against easily.

    It was not a fair fight for these kids though, Ryan would cut them off, making most of them end up in the water with a broken board. I finals, Ryan looked at the scoreboard with a look of complete shock. He had no idea what was going on. ” “How are you doing this!?! ” He yelled at me from across the beach. ” “A bit of luck. ” I said with a smirk on my face. ” As the finals started, Ryan was acting as if he had this one in the bag; he thought he was going against my brother Sam. If he knew the truth he would have been slightly more scared. As we paddled out into the water I pulled my final card on Ryan. “Guess what? ” I asked Ryan. ” “What do you want? ” he replied. ” “l Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been saying my name wrong all day’ I said. ” “What are you talking about? ” Ryan said with a look of complete confusion. ” movie been calling me Sam all day, but actually my name is Jason. Hey, it’s k, Ala lot of people confuse us”. I told him this news with delight. ” A look of bewilderment and fear swept over Ryan’s face as he drifted a bit further away from me. He didn’t say a word but I knew that he was wondering how in the world he could have killed my rather and not me.

    As the wave came up I thought one more time, maybe my brother is still at his girlfriend’s house, but deep down I knew this could not be true. As the wave came I saw the look of determination in Ryan’s eyes. We both got up on our boards and we knew this was it, the last wave of the competition so one of us would have to win and the other lose. Ryan cut me off as usual but ,unlike the other competitors, I didn’t think twice about bailing, I immediately switched directions and cut off Ryan. I was so close to him I could hear him yell, ” “How could I let this happen?! s he Jumped off his board knowing full well that if he kept going he would get caught on my board and most likely be knocked out. ” I finished the run with pure joy. As I came down the final stretch I pulled my last trick, looked up and saw all tens across the scoreboard. My heart lifted knowing that I had won. But the reality that my brother wasn’t there sunk in, and tears rolled down my cheek. However, as I looked up for the final time, I saw my brother Sam walking down the beach cheering for me, with one leg in a cast and his arm around his girlfriend. Life was complete.

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