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My Favorited Place Descriptive

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My place is very special to me, it’s my own. In my place I get to see many different things that I don’t get to see back home in Pennsylvania; like the outstanding colored rocks, the big bolder that sits alone in the middle of the brown sand, that gets stuck between my painted toes. That jumbo bolder is having a starring contest with the translucent waters.

As I walk I hear the small waves crashing in and out.

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My Favorited Place Descriptive
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WHOOSH! The salty air gets floats into my mouth along with the taste of the multicolored popsicle that I eat every time when I go there. The strong, cold, blue waves slap me, my feet that are in the soggy sand. The annoying seagulls talk as they hover over me. SKWAK! They telll me to drop some food and walk away, so they can get something to eat. I don’t listen to the obnoxious seagulls. I stop walking along the wet coastline and hop onto the rough boardwalk.

I find a good spot to sit and plop myself down, to see some amazing sights. While I look at the bright, shiny, sun that taps me on my sun struck shoulders. As I look around the little boardwalk people there are crabbing, I gave it a try but it was too difficult. I quit that and continued sighting the place around. I looked for rocks and shells that I could take back home with me. I found a lot, actually a whole bucketful I felt a couple of each type. The rocks were light, tiny, and gorgeous, on the other hand the shells were very fragile, colorful, and all different from each other. I stand up thinking about each memory I made today.

Walking to the white car, looking at the red, blue, orange, and purple sky seeing the sun say it’s final goodbyes for the day. Now I head back home, and say my last goodbye to a special place of mine. I whisper goodbye Cape Cod.


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