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Difference Between the Three Estates and the Caste System of India



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    There is a difference between the three estates and the caste system of India. The first estate was the Church, the second estate were the nobles or nights, and the third estate was the peasantry. There are many differences between these three estates. The Indian caste system has been in use for many years. The caste system has order and peace among the people in India. There is a comparison between the caste sytem of India and the three estates. The first estate represented about two percent of the people of France and included bishops, priests, monks and nuns.

    They owned ten percent of the land which was held mostky by monasteries and rented off farmers. The Church’s did not have to pay taxes. The second estate did not have to pay taxes either. They were made up of nobles. The second estate owned about eighty percent of the population and represented about one percent of the population. The third estate was made up of ninety seven percent of the population and paid all of the taxes. They were taxed based on their incomes and possessions. Most of the third estate were poor. The Indian caste system and three estates are very similar.

    They each have places of where people are in life. There is a level of priests, warriors and poor same as the three estates. They made this so there could be a balance in their country. People are born, married and died in the caste system same as in the three estates. A difference between the three estates is that they are in a different group. They can never get out and go to a different estate. The third estate is the only state that has to pay taxes. This is the same thing that happens with the caste system in India. France and India made this because for their country to never go out of control.

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