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Discipline Children

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    Some parents often assume that disciplining a child means having control over him or her. They also believe it can only be accomplished through punishment which is often ineffective because there is little to no teaching involved. However, discipline is important training and crucial to the development of children. This is why parents should discipline their children; starting in the toddlers, then elementary aged children, and teens. Parents start to discipline their toddlers at a simple level than other age groups because they are at the beginning of development.

    A patient method is consistency with a toddler because his or her world is full of curiosity. For instance, if the car keys are off limits today then they should be every day. Inconsistency promotes bad behavior which parents disapprove of. Also toddlers are taught to share by their caregivers because it helps them interact and be considerate of others. Sharing can be when children enjoy something together. In particular, a parent will purposely give two children only one toy to make it obvious to them that that is sharing.

    Speaking positively to toddlers to divert their attention from wrong doing is another method in disciplining that parent’s use. Diverting is redirecting focus on something else. For example, when a child is going toward an electrical outlet, a parent can distract him or her by giving toys to play with. All in all disciplining this early in childhood will help tremendously in a child’s upbringing. In addition, children transitioning into elementary school parents should add disciplinary methods in conjunction to the ones taught as a toddler.

    Communication is the exchange of thoughts and ideas, which parent need in effectively disciplining children. For example, caregivers talk with a child and listens to his or her opinion and then producing an outcome in which both parties can benefit from. This is a direct result of communication and also allows the children to have a choice. Equally important, setting boundaries because it teaches offspring that there are limits in life. For instance, a child cannot leave the house without permission since a parent is responsible in knowing where he or she is at ll times. Another method is ignoring bad behavior because it teaches children that misbehaving is unacceptable. For example, a child might act bad in order to get a parent’s attention but if ignored they will learn that being disobedient is not the proper way to act. Furthermore, teenagers require a different disciplining approach since they are going to become independent soon. A parent teaches an adolescent responsibility because it is a necessity for young adults. Responsibility is when a person can be relied on and trusted to make smart decisions.

    To illustrate, a teen will bring home excellent grade and completes chores without being asked shows that he or she can be trusted. Moreover, if an adolescent breaks a rule there will be a consequence directly related to the rule. A consequence is a result of an action. For instants, a teenager arrives late from a friend’s house, means that next time he or she will have an earlier curfew. Also as a parent being fair with his or her adolescent is crucial. When parents and teens are reasonable with each other it means that they are both doing their part to help one another.

    This helps teens learn how to reason with people in society. Parents need a lot of patients in disciplining teenagers. Parents should discipline their children being aware that every child develops differently. Punishment is not the answer when a parent attempts to correct a child no matter what age he or she is because there is no lesson taught. Communication and listening allows discipline to be effective. Although raising a child may be difficult it can be accomplished through discipline.

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