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Discourse community analysis example

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The On-Site property manager is accounTABLE for property operations, overseeing and enhancing the value of the property. Community Managers must embrace the concepts of Level 5 Leadership, Group Responsibility and Servant Leadership. The purpose for a property manager is to well manage and coordinate persons, activates, and availTABLE resources in order to accomplish community objectives as set forth by the Regional Property Manager and property owner. They must report their District/Regional Manager.

Has a property manager you have to supervise the entire on-site Taft (Assistant Community Manager/ Bookkeeper, Leasing Coordinator, Leasing Consultant, Community Service Supervisor/Assistant Community Service Supervisor, Service Technician, Make-Ready Technician, Groundskeeper, Painter, and Housekeeper.

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Discourse community analysis example
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) This job has other responsibilities such as: meeting financial goals, leasing housing, administrating the property, resident retention, keeping up with maintenance, and making sure safety is enforced. A person in this occupation must conduct all business in accordance with T MI polices and procedures.

I kook a journey through my mothers occupation as an On-Site Property Manager.

She has been in this field for almost 5 years. Guess that would make her and old timer in her job. In order to be in this field all she had to have was a high diploma and a lot of people skills. She has to attend a yearly training program. That’s good because the learning never stops in the occupation. Any person going into this field has to know the meaning of HAD (Housing Urban Development) and RD (Rural Development). You also have to read the Louisiana Fair Housing policies and procedures.

My mother says she chose this field because it allows her to put her business management classes to good use. She enjoys her job because it gives her a chance to display her leadership qualities and she loves being in charge of a large group of people. When asked,” What advice would she give a new comer to this field? ‘ she said to just study and know your policy book like the back of you hand. After interviewing my mother, the On-site Property Manager, I learned that it takes a lot of reading and studying to be in this field and it can be very challenging.

Looking a John Swales Six Characteristics of a discourse community, would say that this property can be considered as a discourse community. The first characteristic says, “A discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common goals. ” The broadly agreed set of common goals in this occupation is to effectively manage and coordinate persons, activates, and availTABLE resources in order to accomplish community objectives set forth by the Regional Manager and property owner. The second characteristic says, “A discourse community has mechanism of intercommunication among its members.

The mechanisms of intercommunication of this field are email, meeting, phone calls, and yearly training. The next characteristic is, .. Uses it participatory mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback. ” The Regional Manager normally sends the On-Site Property Manager a memo saying what is needed of them by a deadline. The fourth characteristic says, “A discourse community utilizes and hence possesses one or more genres in the communicative furtherance of its aims. ” This occupation possesses email, flyers, and announcements.

The fifth characteristic is, “A discourse immunity has acquired a specific lexis. ” The specific lexis for this field is the abbreviations. The final characteristic of a discourse community says, “A discourse community has a threshold level of members with a suiTABLE degree of relevant content and discoursed expertise. ” You can go from an assistant property manager to an on-site property manager then go on to become a Regional Manager. Now as you can see, an On-site Property Manager is surly a discourse community. In this community the genres are emails, announcements, memos, brochures, flyers, and signs.

When a Regional Manager has something for the On-Site Property Manager to know they send emails or memos. If the property manager is trying to tell its tenants ahead of time about a inspection, they use announcements. When they try to fill up their vacancies they use flyers and signs. Those are some of the genres used the occupation as an On-Site Property Manager. The lexis Of this occupation is abbreviations. They use HAD, RD, TMI, and RPM. They prefer you to have college degree in this field and to be a certified apartment manager.

On-site Property Manager’s position requires a minimum of 2-years n-site as a Leasing Consultant/ Assistant Community Manager. They also have to attend training to comply with new or existing laws. Those are some of the lexis and required training for this job. After doing my research and conducting the interview of an On-Site Property Manager I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t know. Learned that attendance is strongly encouraged for this field. I also learned that in order to achieve success the property management team must embrace certain core principles and values.

They have to have honesty, integrity, competence, tenacity and enthusiasm, reiterative, professionalism, and drive. When I learned that I thought that this might be the right field for me to go into because I hold all those values and principles. Meeting phone calls, and yearly training.

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