Do you think that the government should provide gas money for college students? Essay

Do you think that the government should provide gas money for college students?

For many years there has been a debate about providing gas money to college student. Some people think that they should provide gas money to college students while other people thing that they shouldn’t. However, I believe that they should provide gas money to students because some students come from a low income family and they are not able to attend to school. First of all, I think that providing gas for college students would help out college students that are going full time.

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Do you think that the government should provide gas money for college students?
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I am a college student and I go full time, I don’t work at the moment and I’m having problem attending school because I’m always low in gas, and gas prices are very high. If the government would help me provide gas for college it would help me attend school with no problem. I do come from a family with low income background and if the government would help student that come from a low income family it would be much easier for us to attend school.

Furthermore, some say that the government is already in debt with welfare and military expenses.

However they are in debt with welfare because of all the corruption done in the home health clinics. Recent studies have shown that most of the accidents leading to government sending them money have be false closing down hundreds of home health across the US exactly an option to better your life but without the proper help/tools it’s very hard especially for the people who have no family to depend or they are single mother with larger family or etc. Some of us have it easy that why there is some people that say that government shouldn’t provide gas money, however think some people barely have money to eat or to pay rent. You don’t want to live like that for ever, you work in a job that your living paycheck by paycheck you want go to school to better your life but your caught up in paying bills and gas that you can’t pass your classes, therefore causing a vicious circle that not many teens or adults can handle. Finally It is getting really hard to go to college and work at the same time and getting passing grades, moreover in my Major in Nursing there is 85% of the students working and going to school are known to not pass therefore need to leave their job but with no income coming in its hard to pay for gas and other types of supplies needed for college. Providing gas money would be a major help in bettering student education and their future. In conclusion government should provide gas money to college student that come from a low income family or that are single parents that have a family and work as while trying to bettering there life with a good education to have a better future for their family.

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