Drug and Alcohol Awareness

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Table of Content
  1. What happens if a person uses a substance when they do not really need to? Why would they want to?
  2. How does peer pressure become involved with your decision to abuse substances? What would you do if you were peer pressured into taking a substance that you didn’t want to?
  3. What are the mental effects of drug and alcohol abuse for the consumer?
  4. How can people keep themselves from not becoming involved in substance abuse?

 Addiction is very common to abusers of substances and the effects could be life-threatening. Sometimes it could be very difficult for one to stop. Talking to positive role models, going to therapeutic counseling, and visiting health care providers could make it easier to quit. Once addicted to substances, do you think there is a possibility of returning to your previous substance-free lifestyle?

It is a lot easier to prevent a serious addiction to drug and alcohol abuse once you determine the visible warning signs. Using the knowledge you’ve obtained from the video or previous information you learned, identify the physical, behavioral, and psychological warning signs of drug abuse.

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  1. Even with the peer pressure and the stress that is brought upon by others, it is your decision in the end whether or not you want to abuse drugs. It is a tremendously important decision that you will need time to think about. How would your life change if drugs took a part in your life? (short term and long term)
  2. Not only do drugs and alcohol affect the consumer, but it also impacts the environment around them. In a one-page journal response, explain how substance abuse would affect your family, your peers, and the people around you.


Drug&Alcohol Awareness is a movie designed to inform those of a young audience who are 12 years older and up to about the physical, social, emotional, and verbal effects of substance abuse without preaching or condescending. As well as informing, this movie was also created to help those in need of quitting or handling peer pressure. We believe that it’s important to teach the children about drugs and alcohol because the attitudes and habits that children form at a young age have an important impact on the decisions they will make when they’re older. At an early age, the youth are eager to know and memorize rules, and they want the opinion of adults on what’s “bad” and what’s “good.” Although they are old enough to understand that smoking is bad for them, they need to know why, and by providing them with facts about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs we can give them a better understanding. Now is a good time to practice the decision-making and problem-solving skills that they will need to say “no” later on. So instead of helping a large population quit substance abuse, it is easier and quicker to have them turn down substances from the start. We also want to inform those who have already developed an addiction that it’s not the end of the world for them. They can quit and still live a long and healthy life, nonetheless, it is still difficult to stop now that they have become accustomed to the substance.

We have prepared a package that will not only benefit them, but others as well because they can pass on the knowledge to their loved ones to prevent them from getting hooked on drugs.

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