Cad diet help stop depression and violence Essay


People in all around world, for many years have been seeing health news and questioning why is happening. One thing that people have been forgetting is how humans eat. Which one is the correct diet for people is the famous question that everyone wants to know. What are the best food or what are the best drinks. Humans can find any answer for those questions if they see how they eat, but always the answer is going to be different.

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Cad diet help stop depression and violence
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Jurriaan Kamp is the author of an interesting essay about the influence of a good diet. Stop depression and violence are two topics that she related, she wrote the essay based in a few studies where Bernard Gash and Alex Richardson examined the result that a good nutrition can generates in human behaviors. All human bodies are different, as a result a rich diet based in vitamins and nutrients are essential to improve good health and psychological mentality.

Different studies have showed that the fish oil is good for health in different aspects. In 2002 a psychology whose name is Bernard Gesch did an experiment with a prisoners. Gesch supplied Omega 3 to the half of the prisoners, and the other half he supplied Placebo. He wanted to see how Omega 3 affects in the behaviors of the prisoners, and he obtained result very interesting. People should know about the fish oil is that a source of nutrition which is fully of nutrients that are healthy for many parts of human body such as the heart, the brain, and muscles. All the information about fish oil isn’t new, since the 70 people had known about the virtues that the fish oils have. Is interesting the experiment that Gesh did, and see how 37 percent of the prisoners decreased violence in jail. The principal reason from the experiment is let know people how in a violence environment such as a prison, is possible to decreased the level of violence. It is going to be most notable into society where consume of fish oils will generate best results.

Student in all around world want to generate more attention and more productivity. Another study from the University of Australia Meridional unveiled many causes how he consume of fish oils influence in the students’ behaviors. Also revealed how fish oils help to the development of the brain since it is still a fetus until as an adult. Each test was carried out with fish oil shows interesting results and everyday are studied new sources to improve the development of human brain. In the essay the author mentioned different diseases among children such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and dyspraxia. Also the author mentioned how a rich diet including fish generate a decrease in depression. 6.5 percent of population in New Zeeland suffer from depression, and it is considered a high percent. Japan where the human consumption of fish is high just 0.1 percent of population suffer from depression.

All the studies that have been done made based on the change of diet, the implement of the vitamins, and fish oils have generated many positive effects. One of the most important is the reduction of depression in population, where access to food derived from fish is high. Another major effect of fish oil is to prevent mental changes from being a child. It also helps to preserve the brain in a good condition and to prevent mental disorders. One more effect is the great influence on the students to improve their class, their concentration and to help overcome various diseases. The Omega 3, also shown to help with hyperactivity and attention deficit.

Nutrition is a very important issue for everyone. People should know about the benefits that it brings to their health and their phycology area. In the essay we can find a couple experiment which prove the veracity of a good nutrition represent in the fish oil. It doesn’t matter how old is the person omega 3 is an essential supplement for correct development of the human body. Also, some research have found that omega 3 can help many infirmities. A very good aspect is that omega 3 is very accessible to the public, it is very cheap, and the risk of secondary effects is low.

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