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EconomicsQuestion: The most of import part of the agricultural sector is to provideincremental markets for new merchandises manufactured in the industrial sector. Answer: Thecontribution of the agricultural sector non merely supply incremental markets for newproducts manufactured in the industrial sector, it besides has part on increasing thesupply of nutrient and new stuff to other sectors, revenue enhancement gross to the authorities to supply & # 8221 ; investable excess & # 8221 ; to other using sectors and to supply foreign exchange. The first part of agricultural sector is to supply sufficient nutrient for the labours in the industrial sector. From Lewis & # 8217 ; s balanced growing theoretical account, we know that if supply of good to the modern sector can non catch up with the demand of nutrient in the modern sector, the modern sector has to pass a big sum of money to import nutrient to feed the labours and have cut down the accretion of capital. As indicated by J. Mellow: & # 8221 ; It is in pattern and in construct that it is possible for the agricultural sector to supply new productiveness! & # 8221 ; The agricultural sector besides provide & # 8220 ; investable excess & # 8221 ; and revenue enhancement gross to other using sectors. The extra supply of labours in the LDCs cut down the bargaining power of the labours. As a consequence, their rewards are assumed to be changeless. As labours shift to modern sectors from agri. sector, the productiveness of the agri. sector will increase ( MPL addition ) . There will hold some excess and the landlord will utilize these excess to reinvest to the agri. sector, drive up the MPL farther. In this instance, the TPPL will increase, with given figure of labour, the productiveness addition due to new equipment, the excess farther addition and the landlord will further use their investing. Another part is revenue enhancement gross. The increasing productiveness of agri. sector provide resources to other sectors. If the resources are used fruitfully, the consequence can be accerlated! The new resources refer to provide of labour, new stuff and nutrient. The addition production of nutrient non merely to feed the labour in modern sector and besides to feed the high grow

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Ecoftm Research Paper EconomicsQuestion The most
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th rate of population. The

demand of nutrient can be defined as below: D = P + nGD: the rate of demand of nutrient Phosphoruss: rate of population growing G: rate of existent income growing N: income snap of demand for agri. productRefer to Mellow, the income snap of demand on agri. merchandise is high ( 0.6 or higher ) inLDCs when comparison with HDCs ( 0.2-0.3 ) . Therefore, as labour displacement to modern sector and incomeincrease which give rise to higher demand for the agri. merchandises, and labours of the agri. sector addition, more land will be free out and revenue enhancement gross wage to the authorities. Anexample is in Japan, in last 2 decennaries, Nipponese authorities received 80 % of their revenuefrom land and from the direct production income revenue enhancement, it is about 12-22 % from agri. sectorand merely 2-3 % in non-agri. sector. The addition in authorities gross can assist thegovernment to increase investing in SOC and better educational degree and enforce otherprograms to assist the economic growing. Another part is to increase the incremental markets for new merchandises manufactured in industrial sector. As the existent income of labour in agri. sector addition, they can pass more on ingestion good and supply a market for the industrial sector. The last part of agri. sector is the supply of foreign exchange. It is clear that addition export of primary merchandises is the first phase of the LDCs. As the productiveness of agri. sector addition, extra merchandises will be exported to gain more foreign exchange. Since in the first phase, the end product of industrial sector is little and the quality is non good due to miss of new tech. and equipment. Therefore, the state has to trust entirely on exporting agri. sector. The earning of foreign exchange can supply the authorities fund to put in SOC and buy new equipment for modern sector. To reason, agri. sector is really of import to the growing of economic. In most of LDCs, the authorities merely concentrate on spread outing industrial sector and pretermit the agri. sector. And it generated many jobs like deficiency of foreign exchange, deficiency of nutrient supply. Therefore, The LDCs should set equal weight to both sectors.

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