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Education Systems in China and Uzbekistan

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    A comparative analysis of education systems between China and Uzbekistan. Undoubtedly, education is the acquisition process of knowledge, imagination, ability, skills in exact field of human familiarity and influencing the development of outlook.

    It is remnant product of training, certain icon of feelings, acts, which gives the certain icon for human life in the end. This can be achieved independently or in academic establishments with several ways. Also the process of ‘creation’ by man of the image of the world surrounding him and of the image of himself in this world.

    it’s the process of interaction with the education system, the process of training and education in the interests of the individual, society, state, subsystem in the structure of the social system, own personal structure, what determines the personal type of thinking, the process of the development of the individual student through the actualization of knowledge, skills, skills of the student in the zone of proximal development, the impact on consciousness and behavior; the process of stimulating students’ active cognitive activity.

    And now I want to talk about Chinese education system which is fascinated, arrested, animationed almost everyone with strong disciplines and effectiveness. So china has got several types of education system such as pre-school, primary , secondary school and so on. First of all let’s talk about pre- school.

    Pre-school education provides several types of institutions like kindergartens (public and private), nursery, preschool groups, kindergartens of the combined type. In kindergartens, children develop mainly through nation-wide education and training programs. Chinese kindergarten is games, healthy eating and social skills training for children, plus strict discipline. In China, in view of the high competition, children from childhood are taught the most important task – to be first in everything. In competition, which the Chinese are taught from childhood, all means are good. If you are not the smartest – be the most powerful, cunning, etc.

    And for School education in China we can say that Primary education is received from 6 to 12-13 years old in primary schools. Here, students receive basic knowledge in general education subjects. Much time is devoted to patriotic education, as well as physical. In general, sport in this country is part of a national cult.

    From the 4th grade of primary school, children spend 2 weeks in an academic year at work in workshops or on farms, where they are trained in the basics of crafts and agricultural activities. Discipline in schools of China is very strict. For 12 classes missed without good reason, the student faces immediate dismissal. Children here do not go from class to class – the teachers do it.

    Then Chinese children go to High school. it is divided into junior and senior. At the first stage, children study for 4 years. For those who managed to get the right to engage in high school, there are two possible areas of study. The first is 2-year education with the prospect of entering vocational schools, the second is 4-year education with the possibility of further education at the university.

    The universities of China are divided into multi-profile and single-profile. In educational institutions of the second type receive specialized technical specialties. General Universities teach humanities and sciences. Competitions in some universities of China – 100 people for 1 place. Entering such a university is a real achievement for a Chinese applicant. The standard training period is 4-5 years. Graduate is awarded the title of bachelor.

    If I will talk about my country’s education, it has definitely similarities. The government of Uzbekistan determined that education for citizens is totally free until high education like Chinese did. Before we had got 12 years of education 9 years of them spent for school and 3 years in occupation colleges or IN lyceums and it was compulsory regulation that every student should finish 12 years of forming. It was forbidden to quit after graduating a school. comparing with today’s system actually It was different. While 3 years the government did majority of changes in this field in order to improve the quality and quantity.

    Current days the education years are economized to one year in total compulsory education is 11 years. Sometimes it assesses 10 years. It is depend on direction which direction is choosen by student. Higher As in other countries, higher education in Uzbekistan involves the training of qualified specialists for various spheres of public life and sectors of the economy – scientific, economic, technical and others. The educational process systematizes knowledge and acquired skills, orienting students to solving theoretical and practical problems in the vector of the chosen specialization with the creative use of the achievements of modern scientific thought and technology.

    The university system includes: Higher education institutions that implement academic and professional programs according to state standards, regardless of departmental subordination and ownership. Scientific and pedagogical institutions that carry out research work necessary for the development of universities. State education authorities, enterprises and institutions subordinate to them. In the education system of Uzbekistan, two grades of certification are provided: Undergraduate – basic higher education, providing basic skills and sufficient knowledge in different directions.

    Duration of training is not less than 4 years. At the end of the program, the state commission awards the graduates the qualification ‘bachelor’ according to the profile of training and issues a diploma of the established sample. Masters – higher education, involving the development of applied and fundamental theoretical knowledge of the chosen specialty. Duration of study – at least 2 years. Access to training in the magistracy have bachelors selected by competition. Upon graduation, graduates receive a diploma and master’s degree in a particular specialty. Diplomas of both degrees enable their holders to pursue professional activities or continue their studies in other educational institutions.

    Finally, I want to say that the system quite similar. The glanced difference from my point of view is that the moving from one class to another in Uzbekistan do students but in china we can see opposite version of it. I also want to inscribe that Chinese discipline is more powerful than Uzbekistan’s. the main example of this, is punctuality of students for education, time schedule and so forth. From my experience I can add that I have never seen a Chinese student who was late to the class. Timetable for them is everything but not for uzbeks.

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