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Effects fairy tales have on human life Essay

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Effects Fairy Tales Have on Human Life

Fairy tales have been around for many generations and for as long as we can remember, they were always told to us right before bed. They were the stories we use to be so anxious for even after hearing them over and over again. Fairy tales have affected human life in many aspects, and people refer back to their childhood days and imagination based off fairy tales without really realizing the fact that fairy tales developed their way of thinking on certain circumstances.

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Effects fairy tales have on human life
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In the article, “An Introduction to Fairy Tales” Maria Tatar, informs readers of all the perspectives of life that relate to fairy tales and brings to closure on how human life may not be exactly the same as fairy tales, but, in some points of life, it is exactly the same. Fairy tales shape views of life to children in a couple of aspects. Classic tales commonly give young children a view of life styles that are most likely uncommon to ever be true.

They use senses of human life combined with false events that “tell children what they unconsciously know” about life and brings them to a world of imagination of seeming like anything is possible if only you imagine and let it guide you through life and escape the realities (229). At some point, children eventually grow up and have to realize exactly what reality is. However, fairy tales become part of our everyday life. They affect the way of thinking for many young children and do not realize the affects they may have on future actions. Not only do the words of the fairy tales affect children, but, according to Tatar, the images also have an effect. Fairy tales can become personal in searches of love, power, and family aspects. Fairy tales take action on the readers from these perspectives and get them intrigued in the stories and the problems that arise and make them recognize things in the world.

Fairy tales that are read to children today are commonly from the origins in culture of adult storytelling and “if we look at the stories in their earliest written forms, we discover preoccupations and ambitions that conform to adult anxieties and desires” (230). They have therapeutic values to them also and help readers to cope through their fears and to remove themselves of aggressive feelings and destructive desires. Children and adults both refer back to fairy tales and imagination at some point in life to enter a safe place away from fears and “the wisest thing- so the fairy tales taught mankind in olden days, and teaches children to this day-is to meet the forces of the mythical world with cunning and with high spirits” (231). However, different childhood stories may have meanings of lessons for children, according to Tatar, about the morals of stealing and lying, important aspects for life as in responsibility, self-discipline, friendship, work, courage, honesty, loyalty, faith, etc.

On the other hand, in some fairytales, there are morals that may not have been appropriate to aim at children but they were in a sense of lessons. Later in life those former children think back on these lessons and learn them through self-observation and experiences they go through with their own kids. When children are in the position to apply aspects of learned lessons from fairy tales, they most likely do apply them when necessary but in an opposite way to what the author intended on doing. Tatar makes it clear in her statements that “if fairy tales were to not provide us with the tiny morals and messages for which we sometimes long” we as the readers would still be presented with tales that gives model to reflect and discuss values that bring us similar matters in the world that we reflect to both emotionally, physically, and consciously (233).

Furthermore, every fairy tale can be written over and over by many different people and have different points of views and meanings and the story line can be changed around. However, the true aspect of fairy tales is how the reader interprets it by “making them hiss and crackle with narrative energy with each retelling” and the effects the stories make on themselves (234). They are kept alive and vibrant in the same sense of what keeps “life pulsing: anxieties, fears, desires, romance, passion, and love” (235). Fairy tales are mainly intended to create characteristics that allow us as readers to yield towards “happily-ever-after-endings” for readers and their kids (235). For many, they develop a sense of our own values and provide us with finding what we want or expect most in life and Tatar helps show that imagination can be the key to the most powerful and brilliant ideas and guide us to the real world in ways not many people would expect fairy tales to do. In my experience with fairy tales, I believe they definitely do persuade children’s behaviors and thoughts. No matter how old I get, I still hold on to certain aspects that arose from fairy tales. That thought that the first guy you met would be the one and you would fall in love and get married and live happily ever after. Growing up, my favorite fairy tale has always been Cinderella. I use to always wish that I could have a fairy godmother, be granted the opportunity to be dressed in a beautiful gown and go off to the ball and find my one true love. As life has gone on, however, I’ve realize the difference between fairy tale life and reality. I’ve came to know that life is a lot more complicated and relationships don’t come too easily and “the real magic of the fairy tale lies in its ability to extract pleasure from pain” (231).

By getting to know the true meanings of fairy tales and distributing fantasy from reality, I now know that dreams come true through hard work, perseverance and patience, not magic. I still think back to fairy tale aspects at times and apply them to my life style today. Fairy tales bring to cessation on how human life may not be precisely the same as fairy tales, but, in some points of life, it is exactly the same. Fairy tales have always been known to be told when children go to sleep, and they watch Disney re-enactments and shows that reinforce them further. They get read at school and generally they are everywhere while we’re growing up and while our children are growing up. The aspects in the stories have always been known to inform readers of all the perspectives of life that relate to fairy tales and according to Maria Tatar in her article “An Introduction to Fairy Tales” she brings to focus that “fairy tales have modeled behavioral codes and developmental paths, even as they provide us with terms for thinking about what happens in our world” (229). Fairy tales have been evolved in lives for several generations and will continue to affect lives for many more.

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Tatar, Maria. “An Introduction to Fairy Tales.” Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum, 12th Edition. Ed. Laurence Behrens and Leonardo J. Rosen. Boston: Pearson Longman, 2013. 229-235. Print.

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