Effects of Techno Music

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Techno is a unique genre with sounds that cannot be imitated by any instrument, often getting stuck in my mind as a catchy melody. “Sounds like Techno” claims that Techno has undergone significant evolution since the 80s, particularly in Detroit. In California, Techno has gained popularity and receives extensive radio airplay and exposure. It’s highly probable to encounter some variation of Techno or electronic music when tuning into the radio. This genre has not only transformed people’s dance style but also their fashion choices and musical preferences.

Raves, also referred to as Electronic concerts, are events where individuals gather to enjoy music and dance, seeking entertainment and a break from their everyday routines. One of the biggest raves in California is Electro Daisy Carnival (EDC), which attracted more than 100,000 participants last year. While drug use is often linked with raves, it is important to recognize that not all attendees engage in such behaviors. Numerous people attend raves solely for the purpose of having fun, connecting with others, embracing the music, and refraining from drugs – just like me.

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The media often distorts the perception of raves, focusing on young people engaging in wild behavior while under the influence of drugs like ecstasy. However, attendees at these electronic concerts range in age from 16 to 50 years old. Unfortunately, the news primarily showcases younger individuals participating in outrageous activities, overlooking older attendees. Raves have brought together new and old cultures, with techno music taking center stage and rave culture emerging as a result. Dancing has played a crucial role in bridging the gap between these two distinct cultures.

At a rave, individuals engage in various dance styles such as shuffle, jumpstyle, and tectonic dancing. This form of dance allows for unique creative expression and combines different dances like the Charlestin, running man, and moonwalk into a distinctive style. By merging traditional and contemporary moves, it adds a modern twist to the art form. Ravers come together in a circle to freely express themselves through dance at raves regardless of their skill level, creating an environment without judgment.

The popularity of shuffle dancing is increasing, with more and more people adopting it in various settings such as raves and house parties. Even individuals who have never been to a rave now shuffle, as seen in numerous online videos featuring people of different ages wearing peculiar outfits while performing the same dance moves. The influence of techno music on fashion has led to a more eccentric dressing style. Unlike some other music genres that have specific dress codes (such as cowboy hats and boots for Country music or baggy clothes with a baseball cap and gold chain for Rap and R&B), shuffle dancing does not require any particular attire.

Techno fashion has varied throughout the years in the rave scene. Initially, it had a bohemian grungy style which prioritized comfort. However, as it became more mainstream, the rave scene has embraced a new aesthetic. Now, it revolves around eye-catching, creative outfits for both men and women. Women often wear furry knee-high boots paired with either skimpy Halloween costumes or leggings with panties and a bra. At raves, people can freely express themselves without fear of judgment; it is essentially a massive costume party set in a wonderland.

Techno music has evolved into multiple genres, including house, hard style, and trance. The incorporation of electronic sounds into contemporary music has made techno a significant influence. Radio stations now play electronic music all day knowing that it appeals to a wide audience. One of the striking aspects of techno is that it brings people together regardless of language barriers. Its beats and sounds can be understood without the need for language comprehension. Techno music has even been remixed into R&B and Hip-Hop songs.

One example of the influence of techno music on society is seen in the songs “We don’t speak Americano” by Yolanda be Cool and “Bon Bon” by Pitbull. Both of these songs achieved success in the music industry largely due to their electronic and catchy beats.

Techno music has been around since the 80’s and has been continuously impacting society ever since. It has influenced how we gather and party at raves, how we dance at these events, and even how other genres of music incorporate electronic elements. However, it is in the last 2 to 3 years that techno music has had the greatest influence on people.

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