English - Distinctly Visual

What important elements have helped to create distinctive and effective visual impacts in The Shoe-Horn Sonata and ONE other related text of your own choosing? - English - Distinctly Visual introduction?? Prescribed Text: The Shoe-Horn Sonata Related Text: The Truman Show The utilization of elements used by John Misto in The Shoe-Horn Sonata and Peter Weir in The Truman Show help the audiences create distinctive and effective visual images. The elements used are Projected Images, Symbolism, Use of Interviewers, Sense of truth / Overcoming adversity, and metaphors.

Both texts are distinctly visual which means the elements are crucial in creating the images beyond the texts. The composer of The Shoe Horn Sonata, John Misto, utilizes projected imagery in a way to create effective visual impacts that bring the audience to an understanding of the P. O. W camp. In Act One, Scene Five Misto uses a photograph of starving children, who are the innocent victims of war. These photographs are used to take the modern audience who weren’t there back to the times of the P. O. W camps and help them understand the nature and effects the camp had on the individuals.

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This creates distinctive visual impacts towards the audience or reader by letting the images stay on the screen whilst there is no acting, this helps the audience take in the full effect. The director of The Truman Show, Peter Weir, uses metaphors to project images to the audience. The audience of the Truman show is confronted with the metaphor of media’s portrayal on reality television. The audience is forced to look at the modern television world that they are surrounded by and the way that the big companies twist news, reality shows, political affairs in to theatrical illusions.

This makes the audience think about the society they live in and the way media portrays and exploits lives. Setting various scenes in a T. V studio allows Misto to use the element of an interviewer. The interviewer allows Misto to convey a great deal of information in a way that doesn’t seem artificial. This element lets the audience relate to the women who went through the P. O. W camps and hear the answers and stories from the women themselves. Hearing the stories from the characters themselves, Bridie and Sheila, the audience develops a connection with the characters and develops a level of respect for Bridie and Sheila.

Misto creates a visual impact with this element due to as the characters are telling the stories, the audience sit back and the images are being created in their minds as the women speak. Weir also uses a sense of a Narrator through the character Christoff. Christoff is portrayed by Weir as an omnipotent man who has complete control over Truman and what the audience in the movie sees. Thus can be related to The Shoe Horn Sonata and the way Misto gives the power to the interviewer, and the interviewer has control over what questions will be asked and gets to word the questions to what will get a better response and let the audience relate.

This element is powerful way to impact the visuals that the audience can connect to the feelings of the characters and their stories and go back in time with them and relate to them. Misto has various elements that create visual impacts. Another element to create these visuals that Misto uses is Symbolisms. In The Shoe Horn Sonata Sheila is from Britain and the gloves represent an elegant woman who believes she is greater than Australia. The gloves indicate power of Britain; the gloves were then lost in the fall of Singapore. This symbolizes that the loss of the gloves was the loss of freedom and nationalism towards her country.

Instead of being home Sheila was fighting for her life. The tension between Bridie and Sheila is evident from the first scene, however the clinking of the glasses in Act One, Scene Four symbolizes the reconciliation between Bridie and Sheila. The symbols and icons in this Drama text help the audience develop visual images by the way the actresses portray the characters and the connection they develop with the audience. In The Truman Show, Weir uses the characters as symbols themselves. Christoff represents companies all over the globe, for example: Media Companies, Magazines and more media related texts.

Whereas Truman represents the ‘ordinary people’, the victims of the theatrical stories that the companies, ‘Christoff’, twist to get the most money they can. This makes the audience take a second to look back at the media that surrounds them and the innocent people having their lives exploited and stories changed for the entertainment of the ‘ordinary people’. Both composers Misto and Weir use truth to try and depict the problems that are happening in the world around us. Misto waits until Act Two Scene Ten to reveal Sheila’s secret that has kept both Bridie and Sheila apart.

After the truth is out Bridie is resentful towards Sheila saying, “You should have let me die” (p71). Sheila wants to help all women by sharing the truth, which helps the audience overcome adversity. Weir expresses the truth in the last 30 minutes of the visual text, which creates suspense, and the audience has a sense of emotional connection with Truman. Truman tries to escape after figuring out his surroundings is staged. This provides a metaphor of our on situation. The fake landscape is just like our own media landscape in which news, politics, etc. s increasingly made up to contribute to the theatrical divisions in our society. Both composers, Misto and Weir, use specific elements that help create distinctive and effective visual impacts and can explore intricate ideas. The elements used are projected images, symbolism, truth, interviewers, and metaphors. The creative, distinctive and effective visual impacts are portrayed through the characters in text. The elements help the audience connect and relate to the characters and think about the problems that are being faced in the world and society we live in.

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