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Reflecting on my progress as a writer, I can observe substantial enhancements in my abilities. I have identified the mistakes I made when initially embarking on this course and acquired fresh insights. Initially, writing proficiently and comprehending vital grammar and punctuation principles necessary for my academic success at college posed challenges.

After a four-year hiatus, I went back to college without having taken any recent English or writing courses. To assess my current academic standing, I underwent the College Placement Test (CPT) at the testing center. The outcome of the test showed that I faced a difficulty, as my English score was notably low. Consequently, I would need to begin with the 0990 class.

Despite the negative reputation and misconceptions surrounding the English 0990 class, I personally found it to be quite different from what I had anticipated. Enrolling in this course turned out to be a valuable decision as it equipped me with the essential tools to enhance my writing abilities. While I encountered initial difficulties at the start of the semester, I progressively familiarized myself with various new concepts. Initially overconfident about my ability to effortlessly compose paragraphs, I soon realized my misconception.

Struggling to comprehend comma placement rules, I eventually became proficient after trial and error. The (FANBOYS) rule proved especially helpful in teaching me how to combine two complete sentences with coordinating conjunctions, creating a compound sentence. This lesson was the most beneficial and straightforward one from this class.

As the semester comes to an end, I have seen a notable improvement in my writing skills. My English papers have been getting better with fewer mistakes. I am excited to keep learning and expanding my knowledge to improve my writing education. I appreciate this class and the valuable skills it has given me. Now, I feel more confident in my writing abilities and believe that taking the English 0990 class has been very beneficial. I am now confident that I am ready, or at least almost ready, for the English 1010 course.

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