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English for Amateurs

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English for Amateurs As I look back on my progress as a writer, I noticed major improvements. I have recognized the types of errors I was making at the beginning of the course, and new concepts I have learned. At the first of this semester I had a few problems with writing skills, and it was difficult for me to understand the basic grammar and punctuation that I need to succeed in my college education.

It has been over four years since I was enrolled in college, and even longer since I’ve attended any type of English or writing class.

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English for Amateurs
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So when I decided to get my education back in order, I went to the testing center where I took the (CPT) or the College Placement Test to find out where my education levels stood. I found it very difficult when I got my test results, and saw that my English portion of the test had scored low. This meant that I would have to start with the 0990 class.

I had heard the horror stories about the English 0990 class, and how it was for the uneducated and some say “dumb” people. But now that I have taken the 0990 class, it’s nowhere near what I thought it would be. I’m grateful for taking this class and learning the simple steps to prefect my writing skills. Even though I had problems at the beginning of the semester, I began over time to learn many new concepts. When the semester started I figured I could write a paragraph and have no problems, but I was wrong.

I had trouble figuring out the rules of commas, where they were supposed to be placed, and why. After a couple paragraph papers of trial and error, I finally had figured out how to place commas in a sentence, especially when I was taught the (FANBOYS) rule. This rule can be used as a coordinating conjunction to unite two complete sentences, thus forming a compound sentence. I think it was the easiest and most helpful part I’ve learned in this class.

Now it’s close to the end of the semester and my writing skills have improved. My English papers have continued to progress in having less and less mistakes in them. I hope I keep developing new skills, and learning new concepts to further my writing education. I’m grateful for this class and the aptitude it has brought to me. I feel more confident in writing now and know that the English 0990 class was very worthwhile. Now I think I’m ready, or almost ready for the English 1010 course.

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