Enterprise Resource Planning System In The Hotel Industry Tourism

With the increasing edification of hotel invitees and frequenters, the continual betterment of cordial reception services towards the attainment of alone excellence in the concern remains the lone edge the hotel has to prolong its place if non achieve the leading in the industry. By following the ISO 9001:2008 model, the socialization of a learning organisation into the consciousness of each employee of the hotel shall supply the drift to endeavor and be better in supplying service to hotel invitees and frequenters. A Quality Management System or QMS will regulate the behavior of each of the hotel ‘s front line drives. The QMS shall besides supply the parametric quantities for quality service while public presentation monitoring of each of the procedures shall be through the procedure ‘ cardinal public presentation indexs. Any defect or parametric quantity that fails to fulfill the recognized threshold of the public presentation index shall be capable to a root cause analysis to find a disciplinary or preventative solution. The QMS requires regular reappraisal to guarantee that the organisation remains focus and faithful to its aim. The hotel employee ‘s public presentation shall be capable to rating by utilizing the cardinal public presentation index ‘s root cause analysis. For QMS, the hotel invitee ‘s or frequenter ‘s feedback, remark or sentiment is accorded greater weight as it will non merely alter how the hotel will carry on its concern but it will every bit demo how the hotel value their invitee ‘s and frequenter ‘s point of position with respect to the hotel ‘s operation.


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Gross in a Hotel concern shall ground on two factors, viz. : ( 1. ) degree of tenancy or invitee traffic that includes frequenters to its installations, and ( 2. ) Efficiency and Quality of its services ( Cornell University, 2010 ) . Therefore, among other industries in the universe, the Hospitality industry remains dependent on the market pulsation and good concern sense. Good concern sense refers to the operation scheme and concern scheme that would ensue to operation efficiency and quality service.

The matrimony of engineering and human inventiveness are really much apparent in the hotel industry by deploying an Enterprise Resource Planning system. As applied to the hotel industry, it would guarantee first-class client experience from their reserve up to their following visit. The deployment of a Customer Relationship Management System would guarantee that all issues are addressed and monitored and shall likewise guarantee that the concern is decently guided on how to go client centric. However, engineering will non work on its ain as its success will be dependent on the employees who use the system and those who will put to death the work instructions recommended by the system.

A model that will capitalise on the strength of the employee enabled by engineering shall be the burden of this paper. The exclusive intent of which is to guarantee the client focused operation of the hotel while practising procedures that feed on continual betterments to pull off the bottom line. Using these schemes, Leadership in the industry and profitableness should non be far behind.


The valuable treatments in Operation Management have been the inspiration by this author to seek out more cognition in chase of excellence. Therefore, it led to the find that the constructs presented herein have been in being for some clip, and assorted writers non merely wrote extensively on the topics but they have thoroughly been portion of its continual betterment so to talk. Capitalizing from the experiences of these direction gurus and the learned deliberation in Operations Management this writer hence urge a more comprehensive scrutiny of the Hotel ‘s Customer Service.

Using the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System model, this writer shall discourse the virtues and wisdom of its execution in this paper in support of the Hotel ‘s operation and aboriginal end. It is ideal to implement the quality direction system in all the procedures of the Hotel to guarantee that there will be no spread that can deter if non forestall the Hotel from being the centre for client service excellence. The ISO 9000 Quality Management System have antecedently been regarded as applicable merely to the fabrication industry since it usually refers to the quality in the creative activity of a merchandise. However, in ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System the word “ merchandise ” can alternately mention to as “ service ”[ 1 ]. The cordial reception industry has long been recognized a service-oriented industry ( Ramaswamy ) . Its chief merchandise is unlike any other industry since its merchandise is the service provided by the hotel employees. The quality prosodies of cordial reception service is equal to the sum of satisfaction of each client multiplied by the figure of client over a period of clip.


The hotel is a five star hotel that is extremely profitable and popular in private owned located in the centre of an international metropolis with a high degree of tourer traffic, peculiarly international tourers. It boasts of a two hundred 50 suites, two dining suites, one of which offers a criterion bill of fare and seats three hundred people while the other seats merely a hundred but it offers know aparting a La menu picks for an upscale market. The hotel besides has two cocktail bars ; one that is publically accessible from the streets while the other is for hotel invitees merely nevertheless both are unfastened to invitees and non-guests likewise.

The hotel is home to three kitchens, with the two functioning the two dining suites while the 3rd serves the three map suites rented for parties, nuptialss, conferences and other similar events. The map suites place 50s, two hundred and one 1000, severally while each map room can hold their ain bars if required. The hotel likewise provides other installations that would include a liquid pool, gym, sweat room and a auto park with one hundred and 50 private bays.

The hotel employs both lasting full-time and parttime contract workers. Each country has its ain supervisor, with qualified and experient directors supervising the supervisors for the several sections. As indicated, non merely does the hotel bask a modest net income from its operation, it boasts of a nice sum of invitee and frequenter traffic from its hotel and installations operation.


Planing a peculiar type of service impacts the hotel ‘s clients to enrich their stay or their cordial reception experience is a practical application of this construct as described by Slacks and Johnston in 2004. To exemplify: the design procedure in the preparation of a procedure that will supply returning invitees with discounted rates if they return during the off-peak or thin yearss will guarantee tenancy during the thin months and spread out selling exposure.


Natural stuffs used as ingredients to hotel nutrient are sensitive to spoilage and taint therefore it is of import to pull off its managing from bringing, storage and stock list. The release of the goods from storage should be purely enforced and implemented through proper tagging and warehousing scheme. To exemplify ; Meat merchandises can last for a certain period through infrigidation but must besides see volatility and seasonality to its supply. The system foretelling the use of the hotel base on its everyday ingestion and the scheduled events shall either put an order or predate an order automatically and later implement First-in-first-out in the warehouse with the usage of the stock list ticket.


Planing within the context of the cordial reception industry frequently relates to Business Planning. Case in point, the cordial reception concern is sensitive to the clip of the twelvemonth peculiarly its tenancy. From July to August is usually the clip when air travel is at its busiest due to the summer holiday in the United States and some states. Hotels outside the United States that are vacation finishs of Americans are at its busiest. However, during the thin months, when tenancy is at its lowest, hotel directors and decision makers ‘ creativeness are usually put to prove.

To exemplify a feasible concern scheme during the thin months is to pre-sell the room through price reduction cards. The construct is to sell price reduction cards at a monetary value of one or two darks ‘ stay that will be availed merely during the thin months. Modest price reductions may be availed by cardholders including the installations or services offered by the Hotel. The card shall run out within one twelvemonth from its issue to give the hotel the chance to sell continuously the unoccupied hotel suites during the thin months.

Shop-floor control

Shop floor schemes include Job and switch Scheduling, housework, Process betterment and increasing procedure efficiency in the context of supplying quality service. ISO 9001:2008 has closed the spread between a touchable merchandise and service that both demand quality. Harmonizing to the system, the best manner to guarantee quality service is to place focal point countries, so to supply mensurable marks that are congruous with the focal point countries ‘ ends.

The environment

Some hotels realize their impact to the environment of the local community and as portion of their rigorous attachment to their corporate scruples societal duty frequently adopts a sound environmental direction system. Not merely would this comply with the international enterprises sing environmental concerns but in pattern, this will besides react good to its corporate societal duty enterprises.


The usage of engineering to take down the cost of operation through the mechanization of procedures and increase the security at the hotel is a scheme that does non usually supply a touchable and seeable consequence overnight. To exemplify: Supply Chain Management as envisioned is a engineering driven scheme that will guarantee that natural stuffs used as ingredients for nutrient do non botch or make non acquire contaminated.

The scheme requires inventory immediate tagging in each bringing. By supplying secure keys to every invitee, a hotel direction system would be able to set the room temperature and the Air Handling Unit burden depending on the suites that have activated keys. Using the secure keys inserted in its slot will enable the system to find the extra burden needed for the air conditioning requirement alternatively of the Air Handling Unit continuously runing even without any invitee interior is a waste of energy.

The Hotel ‘s CUSTOMER Service

The hotel ‘s client does non get down going a client when he eventually pays the initial down payment for a room or service, he does non get down going a client at the blink of an eye he shows up at the hotel ‘s premises or orders his first drink from the saloon. A invitee or frequenter starts going a client every bit shortly as he says the first word to any of the hotel ‘s staff, telemarketer or even parking attender or gentleman ( Borsenik & A ; Stutts, 1997 ) . Ergo, all facets of the hotel ‘s operation about concern itself with client service. Customer service is non simply supplying the hotel ‘s service to the invitees or frequenter, it is doing certain that the client is satisfied and fulfilled in the use of the installations including their brush with the hotel ‘s staff ( Michelli, 2008 ) . Therefore, all processes that will impact the client straight or indirectly are client service supplying procedures.

To exemplify the reserve clerk represents the hotel as its first line drive when the client called in to reserve a room or book the one of the services of the hotel. A pleasant conversation would ensue to immediate engagement and a non so pleasant conversation is the loss of a possible client. The interaction with the gentlemans or the parking attenders may be the 2nd brush of the hotel with its client. The following would be the door individual, the forepart desk, the concierge, the room male child, the hotel cleaners and so floor security for hotel invitees. While for those partaking and basking the services of the Hotel would be entertained from the door individual by the receptionist and so the floor director or the installations attendant. The invitees would so be interfacing following with the servers if they were at the saloon or eating house, the lifesaver for the swimming pool and fittingness teacher for the gym and sweat room.

To exemplify the indirect service suppliers in the Hotel that ensures non merely the satisfaction of the invitees or frequenter they themselves are responsible for the buttocks the scene cordial reception experience. These would include the kitchen staff that would include the chef and those responsible for fixing the nutrient. The applied scientist that ensures the temperature of the pool and the gym is optimum or the safety applied scientist supervising the safety degrees at the sweat room, the hallway and anteroom temperature. The indirect service suppliers besides include the tellers that provide the right alteration and charges, the security guards that ensures the safety of the invitees and the surrounding. This besides includes the janitorial staff that ensures the wellness of the invitees by doing the immediate encompassing refuse or soil free.

The procedures that govern the operation and public presentation of the client interaction of the services provided as described shall be the focal point of the Quality Management System model of ISO 9001:2008 ( International Organization for Standardization, 2008 ) . Aligning with the Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy of the Hotel the Quality Management System model will let the Hotel to specify its ain Quality Mission Statement that states the personality of the hotel. Each of the procedures followed or implemented by the procedure proprietors as described above that interacts with the Hotel ‘s invitees, frequenters or clients, in general, shall be covered by the Quality Mission Statement.

Juxtapose with the Quality Missions Statement aligned procedures, Key Result Areas will be developed will stay the marks of the procedures. The Key Result Areas should be client centric and should work towards the attainment of the best cordial reception experience of the invitees or frequenters as provisioned by the Hotel. In order to mensurate the success of the procedure proprietors in accomplishing their cardinal consequence countries, prosodies in the signifier of cardinal public presentation indexs for each procedure are to be developed.

To exemplify: The gentleman service is frequently neglected by most Hotels but its importance and the chance it presents to salvage the Hotel ‘s image from the client ‘s bad experience from the services of the hotel is cherished being the last procedure the client has to travel through earlier go forthing the hotel. The possible cardinal consequence country for the gentleman services could be the immediate return of the invitee ‘s vehicle to him. The cardinal public presentation indexs could be the sum of clip it will take the gentleman to recover the auto and return it to the proprietor. The thought would be the shorter the sum of clip it takes to recover the auto the more satisfied the client would be.


Cultural Sensitivities

The primary challenge in any client service is the differences in the personality or beginnings of the invitees. Cultural sensitivenesss frequently create clash between the service supplier and the client. To exemplify: in the West agitating the caput from side to side frequently means no, nevertheless in some civilization peculiarly the Indian civilization it means yes.

Gender and Other Sensitivities

At times, being gallant is being sexist while being helpful to people with disablements is being violative. A balance and clear standards are should be studied depending on the country where the Hotel is located so as non to compromise quality service with sensitivenesss.


The cordial reception industry has evolved from an industry that merely provided board and lodging to transeunt travellers in the old century to an existent finish that offers a myriad of services to weary travellers and to holiday and relaxation searchers. The Quality Management System as enabled by engineering should supply the border to the hotel in footings of pull offing its underside line from the concern position while besides supplying the model in finding the best manner to serve its invitees and frequenters. The Quality Management System hence will every bit specify the client centric civilization of the hotel geared towards supplying the best, if non one of the best hotel experience to its invitees.

The continual betterment construct of the Quality Management System will breed excellence in the very fibre of the hotel ‘s staff. The cardinal public presentation indexs shall supply the prosodies to estimate the efficaciousness of the procedure including the public presentation of its employees. The root cause analysis every bit good as the development of the restorative and preventative solution is indispensable to the construct.

One of the virtuousnesss of ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System is that it would allow the hotel develop its ain Quality Management model every bit derived from the hotel ‘s alone civilization. The hotel shall non merely reflect its personality but it shall be the driving force towards excellence in client service. The committedness to client service as driven by the Quality Management System shall hence be personal non merely for the organisation, but besides for the single employees.

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