Essay about Animal Rescue

The protection and care of pets is important to me. Animals who are raised as pets have no natural defense nor control against the situations they are forced into by humans. Consequently, it is up to us as a society to see that pets are cared for and ensure that they are treated well and humanely.

Pet overpopulation is an enormous problem in this country. Many pet owners do not take proper responsibility by having their animals spayed or neutered. Naturally, these animals behave on instinct and produce litters of thousands upon thousands of pets who have little chance of finding a proper home. Many of these unwanted litters end up on the doorstep of animals rescue or humane society shelters. It then takes tremendous effort to care for them until finding people who are willing to adopt them.

Through my volunteer work with a pet adoption center, I have seen numerous cases of neglected, diseased and often maltreated animals. It has raised my compassion level as well as my awareness of this country-wide problem and encouraged me to continue my efforts to help these animals. Through education, public awareness and free spay/neuter clinics, I believe that shelters and pet adoption facilities can make a difference in the lives of many helpless pets.

The greatest joy I receive is seeing the smile on a young child’s face when he or she is given the gift of a deserving pet. At the adoption center, we ensure that families wishing to adopt are good candidates to do so and will provide the necessary care, affection and basics of life. The best reward for working at the center is to know that I helped join an animal with a loving family so that it may live out the rest of its life in comfort and peace. Pets are an important part of life and society and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

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