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Essay About Mad Money

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Money makes the world go around, or so it seems. People want to make a hit in the stock market, dream of becoming the next Bill Gates, and own a stable company enough to get all your kids through college. Behind the next big company or the multi-million stock investment are the real money makers, educated and clever people like Jim Cramer. In his television show on CNBC entitled Mad Money, he educates people on how to make money, make it grow, and maintain it.

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Essay About Mad Money
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The show’s format takes on variously everyday, they have segments once a week called Sell Block, where he tells you when to sell, another one wherein he would want investors to ask themselves this question, which happens to be the name of the segment, Am I Diversified? (CNBC, 2008). Every night there’s a part called Lightning Round, wherein he answers live questions on the phone, every Friday there’s one called Game Plan, to give everybody a head start for the coming week (CNBC, 2008).

Jim Cramer also answers emails in Mad Mail and questions through Sudden Death.

People seek his advise and listen to him not only because he is a brilliant Harvard Law School graduate, but also because he is the founder, owner and senior partner of Cramer Berkowitz which had a plus 36% year in 2000, one of the best records in the business (CNBC, 2008). He is actually educating his viewers. If you listen to his reasons behind picking which stocks to invest in and not the stocks themselves, one is sure to have an advantage in this field, also to pick stocks over mutual funds, especially if you have the brains and money. However, he also says that you can’t always have the brain and money advantage; hence he tips his small-time individual investors to find 5 to 10 well-researched stocks for their portfolio (CNBC, 2008).

He knows from experience that it’s a jungle out there, the stock market. And through this show he is willing help his viewers on how to find the bulls eye in this business.


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