Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

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When this country began we wanted our freedom, freedom from powers who would use us as slaves to there every whim. We fought for our rights as human beings, to have the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Over time the fight for this freedom widened to not only Americans but to all countries that fight against the clutching grip of imperialists and communism.

To help out those who needed help the people of the government, who we give the power to make choices for us, have made alliances with certain other governments in which may have in the past harmed us they.This concept of joining forces with a former adversary is a paradox because you are putting your self in a position that leaves you vulnerable yet through out all human history whether it is a school yard scuffle or the nations of the world we join hands and heads with our enemies to defeat a bigger enemy. Not everyone can see the bigger picture behind joining with an adversary that has in the past harmed you. No matter how severe or capricious we form that alliance to seek out a common goal justifying this by our need to move forward with our intentions and goals.

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The future we all seek in the back of our heads is one without conflict and with peace between enemies. We make alliances and friendships based on one thing need. And there are three needs, economic, military and strategic. The path of our lives is complex and forever changing, having conflicts with others, and extending ourselves to the limits to find out how far we can go.

We reason out the pros and cons before making each and every move. We may allow ourselves to be shoved around and to butt heads with other people but we are all made out of skin and bone.The outcome of finding reason for making alliances or developing a new relationship with a former adversary would be for the greater good or there may not be a good explanation only that past regressions have been forgiven and no longer hold meaning in said friendship or it may help you both lead to different choices in the future. In many cases having your past enemies as your friends can help you in the future fight off lots of problems, whatever they may be.

Also a good point to make out would be if you were a friend you could influence them to change the way they think and help create a better environment.It is a lot easier if the person or nation you are becoming friends with agrees with your opinions and views but nobody is the same. A lot of the time when making an alliance your thoughts foreshadow what may come and how well the development of the alliance goes. Lets start with a basic image of a bully in 5th grade.

They beat up on people all through the year then at the start of 6th grade a newer bully arrives someone bigger than the last one. What do you think happens to the older bully? The old bully rallies forces against the new bully to take them down.In the process making an alliance with the younger geeky kids to back them up. This alliance is personal and doesn’t last for very long but it was effective in what it was used for.

The need was for strength, and the kids banded together to get rid of a bigger problem. Now that the bigger bully is gone the old bully can resume its place of power. Now the question is did the bully learn anything fro the alliance to make them go easier on the kids that help them out. You would think so, that in helping the bully the kids put in a few restrictions for after the bully returned to power.

The influence of power can sway back and forth in a relationship, one can see a little more into what they dislike and start to understand the way people can look at something. Yes you make yourself vulnerable in creating an alliance because you will be asked to change something about yourself in order to get help, or give it if you are the one becoming a helper. Changing for something bigger is not a bad thing it helps a person think with their eyes open and their minds even opener. An example of change would be a person who has never once had pizza so they say they don’t like it.

But one day because of someone else they explain why they don’t like pizza and get to try it for the first time and find they love it. Change for am alliance is a good thing. Another need to talk about is Economic; we make alliances with lots of countries because it is beneficial in trade, material, and money. An example is with China they practice a very different religion with us and there government is one of communists and they don’t always create the same rights and freedoms to make all citizens equal.

Yet we have a good alliance going for the economic standing. Almost everything in American is made from china r any other small Asian communities. We are expected to be nice and civil, letting the differences go for the betterment of the states and country. In the past America fought against China and vice versus China fought against America.

The past is a pain and many died in the fighting yet we can all agree that a peace treaty has been signed and we work together now. This is a hard alliance to keep just because of how different both countries are. If we were to break this alliance, trade would almost cease to exist, the two countries would be at war again, and the way we live as Americans would change immensely.A good example of a joining alliance would be with Britain.

Our beginnings come from Britain, but we felt that the government was enslaving and not giving the people a fare amount of freedoms. So we left and fought for our own selves in the Revolutionary War. We fought for our own country where we could vote in a new leadership that let the people speak for ourselves. Once we left, we were enemies and fought hard for both our ideas.

Then years later we help out the people who we fought so hard to get away from. For military reason we chose to fight together to destroy the bigger problem that was threatening all the super powers at the time.One of the reasons that we kept the relationship alive was that Britain had changed their viewpoint since we the people had left and it wasn’t so hard to get along. They started to have a royal democratic government instead of a monarchy.

The governments send emissaries that come and go to prove that even though we do not agree on a lot of things, a partnership can last. It is all in teamwork. And with teamwork comes the teamwork and partnerships that make an alliance last for a very long time giving us a brighter future. Given the right circumstances an alliance is a good thing but it isn’t always a good thing to make an alliance.

Lets take a look over with Pakistan. We need the alliance for the oil and petroleum and for a military standing with our bases. So this alliance is a Strategic outcome. This alliance is not all too great; a few years back we invaded to extract a person without telling them till after.

We disagree with how they treat there woman as pigs or people who are not to be seen only to serve and reproduce and on how to train there soldiers with no compassion whatsoever. This alliance is very slowly falling apart, but we are trying to keep it together, for the sake of our own country if we lose this alliance it will be just like with china a war.Our government has a lot of power and responsibility especially the president, who is the figurehead of our great nation. They are the ones who must vote and change policies to help keep ourselves out of code red war with other countries and to create a sense of friendship with those who would want to see us as a whole destroyed.

While the government fights on a grand scale for our safe being there is always a personal side to the argument. Have you ever fought with a sibling and thought the world was going to end, then only a few years later think back wondering why you fought, or if not with a sibling what about a friend.There are many ways to look at an alliance, one I think is on a grand scale and another I think is looking at a personal life of one person. To finish a job at work you work with someone you don’t like or at school you team up for an assignment.

You will find all through your life people you disagree with and then in the future creating a relationship to get something done. You have the choice of what you do with the people you like and don’t like but they will still be there in the morning after a night of silliness.We make these relationships work, we just don’t call them friends we call them acquaintances, people whom we know but would not share our deep dirty secrets with. They are the backbone of how we live.

They are there, as steps to the top for our own needs. You are at home and you and your sibling are fighting over where the blue something disappeared too. You blame each other immediately and look wherever you can to find the missing item, a while later it is found and you two make up. This relationship is a good one based on blood and friendship.

Another good example is two friends since childhood have a fight don’t speak for many year and then one day it is wow hey its been awhile. An alliance is a relationship, depending on what level of alliance that friendship can really mean a lot of loyalty form a friend. Most alliances and friendships are created with a need in mind to solve a problem but every once in awhile in the small scale a person will take pity on another and will make an alliance just for the heck of it burning time, money, and resources on another, they do this because in there head a friend is a friend no matter how they treat you, you are loyal to them.Kind of in the servant to master thinking.

A person so loyal they would do anything for another because they think that the relationship/ alliance is worth the trouble. If all people we like this the world would be a nice place to live. A person who looks lost and needs that push of help is a friend just waiting to be shown a little kindness to bloom into greatness. The power of friendship and alliances is that you know that they will back you and not be attacking.

Taking in the greatest power and using it to the advantage would be if we could make friends with your enemies.Our greatest weakness is that we can view something with lidded eyes. You may still disagree with the person who you are accompanying but if you look for the bigger picture and that you are only one of millions. It is easy to transfer the little green monster to the edge of the picture to make the decisions you need to, to move forward.

There is a line we all must cross some times, a line that says swallow up your pride and help or be helped. Not ever little thing can be bad and to open your eyes you can see the world in a whole new view that can show a greater path to power.The paradox of finding something in common with an enemy is never bad, a little confusing at times, but stranger things can happen. The price of a little vulnerability to an alliance for the greater good shows that in the end humans can do many, many things if they set there minds to them.

We all have goals and dreams and a lot of the time they are all the same dreams in many different types of people. The alliances we make with other Countries and with people we do not like are all for stepping forward into those dreams, a better place to live, or just to get home to put your feet up after walking around all day.There is never a bad dream, as long as we strive to go forward there is nothing bad with putting ourselves out there to help and to be helped. I think that making alliances is not a bad thing given the right circumstances.

I understand that it is easier not to try and just stay to yourself all your life but then nothing will get better, or complicated and your existence will become obsolete at the world turns and changes. An alliance for the needs of you or for the country is an alliance that will help make everyone’s life better.

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