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Life of Harriet Tubman Essay

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  • Pages 4
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    There have been so many heroes in the history of the United States but one of the most remembered heroes is Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was a huge component for black slaves being free. She risked her life by having the courage to lead people to safety. The equality of black and white skins wouldn’t of happened unless she didn’t help. Now everybody doesn’t dispute over someone’s skin color and she is one of the many people to thank you for that. If she didn’t have the courage to do what she did there would be no peace and that’s why she is known so well in history. The slavery in Harriet’s time had started in virigania 1619 and had spread to many other southern states. Slavery went through out the 1700’s and the 1800’s and was very common. At this time many were kidnapped including women, men and even children from Africa and forced to work in the fields for owners. Slavery had finally ended in 1862 but segrigation had only just begun. Many of Harriet’s brothers and sisters were sold at a young age.

    Violence was always part of their everyday life. When Harriet was going to the store to get things for her owner she meet a slave who left the fields without permission. The man wanted Harriet to help him and find the slave and when she said she wouldn’t help him, he threw a two-pound weight at her head. After this she had many seizures, serious headaches,and she had almost visions which she believed for religious reasons. The underground railroad was how Harriet got so famous. The Underground Railroad was trips for slaves to be freed from 1850’s-1860’s. Harriet was known as a conductor of the Underground Railroad, she freed many slaves. Some gave her the name moses who lead his people to freedom as she did. The first encounter of the railroad was so that she could escape herself but instead of staying in the north she went back to help her family and friends. She went on many trips and was active during the civil war. Harriet was a well-respected woman when she was alive but when she died, she became an icon for many people. Even today she still inspires Americans who struggle with their rights to keep going and get what they deserve.

    Many schools and also the city of Auburn were dedicated to her. She had many names like The Women Called Moses and there are books and movies about her. Peace and Justice can be the same in the way you use them. I think you can’t have one without the other. Life can be hard and unfair but it’s the way you try to resolve it that makes life worth it. Peace can mean calm or a quiet time but i think it means that a time where things are resolved and that they can different than war or disputing about what others subjects. Justice can mean the same as peace depending on the way you use its but I think it means being fair about thing and it being fair for everyone no matter what skin color, the way you look, or how you speak. We think order and chaos are somehow oppistites and we try to control what will not be but thats what makes us human our mistakes and meanings of each other. Harriet Tubman was very volnerable girl seeing as she was put into slavery just as a little girl. She couldn’t change or affect her skin color or how her life would turn out but she made it better with working with what she had. She and many other slaves had no rights or didn’t get paid for the work they did. If she wanted to do something or act out but she didn’t but I think that fueled her even more. So many slaves and even people didn’t have the rights or money like everyone else did but she wanted to change that and that’s what she did. She may of not had all the things others had but she still became one of the most famous people in our history. Things today are very different from Harriet’s life but in my opinion that’s a great thing.

    There may still be dispute about different topics in this world but Harriet Tubman showed us that it shouldn’t matter what skin color you have or where you come from, it is more about the fact that we are all humans together no one is better than the next person. Many people look up to or admire Harriet for what she did in her life span and I truly think it is what she deserved. Many people have risked their lives and some even died for the safety and security of humanity’s future and what it holds. Anyone can be a hero but knowing what’s right and having a good heart that’s what makes a legend. “Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die; follow your heart kid, and you’ll never go wrong (The Babe, 1993).”

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