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Analysis of the Poem “Variations on the Word Love”

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He was born in 1912 in British Guiana. Justice Breathiest is well-known as a novelist, writer, teacher, and diplomatist. During World War II, he joined the Royal Air Force as a pilot – he would later describe this experience as one where he had felt no discrimination based on his skin color or ethnicity. After the war, like many other ethnic minorities, he could not find work in his field and eventually took up a job as a schoolteacher in the East End of London.

The book To Sir, With eve (1959) was based on his experiences there. The other famous works are

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Analysis of the Poem “Variations on the Word Love”
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A Kind of Homecoming, Paid Servant, A Choice of Straws, Reluctant Neighbors. His numerous writings have dealt with the difficulties of being an educated black man, a black social worker and a black teacher. Breathiest continued to write novels and short stories throughout his long international career as an educational consultant and lecturer for UNESCO. He is an academic, a permanent representative to the united Nations for Guyana and a Iguana’s ambassador to Venezuela.

Essay is too short. The main idea and the author’s intention consist in that teaching is a very long and difficult process.

And it is up to the teacher to find the way to the pupils. The class behaves such way as it is allowed. There are no books, prescriptions or algorithm of actions how to behave with class. Because it needs an individual approach to each particular one. Something that can be appropriate to the one class can be inadmissible to another. So, the prevailing mood of the text isn’t cheerful or ironical at all. The actions happen in tense atmosphere. The author keeps the readers attention in suspense. He forces the reader to sympathies to the teacher. To achieve this result the author used a lot of clerical and stylistic devices.

Describing the Weekly Review the author used epithet (pet schemes) to underline the directors positive attitude. Moreover, he added (which director would brook no interference). It shows the reader how importance the Review is. Breathiest used repetition (in his own words, in his own way) and synonyms (to comment, to criticism, to agree or disagree) to express that this Review is rather objective as a lot of opinions create objectivity. The author emphasized that children were free to express their opinion (no one and nothing was sacred; the child was safe from any form of appraisal). Moreover, he used direct speech of the principal.

There are also phraseologies units (to take some pains), antithesis (careful – careless; individual ? collective), opposites (mixture of a relief and disappointment). It makes the story more vivid, solid and comprehensive. Describing the teaching process the author used epithet (a painful procession), simile (he was as transient as his many predecessors), metaphor (he were trying to reach the children through a thick pane of glass). Thus, Breathiest shows us how hard the process of teaching was. The teacher wanted to be a successful, he tried o interest his pupils and was anxious what impression he made on them.

The author introduced the terms of phases of his relationship with class (the silent treatment, the noisy treatment). It tells about that the teacher was well, educated, seriously attitude to his job and plan his work accordingly. There are also epithets describing the children (remote, uninterested), metaphor (a conspiracy of indifference), simile (children stared with attention a birdwatcher). It means that the teacher is not indifferent to his pupils, he wants to inveigle them into active interest so he observes them. The author seed the epithet (burning anger) to display the feeling of the teacher that he was going to lose his temper.

Phraseologies unit (to play right into their hands) was used to end the climax. At the end of the story a lot of words with negative connotations were used (disrespect; no sense of decency; ugly viciousness; minds were rooting after filth). These words reveal that the narrator in despair. He did all his best to interest his pupils. He was very disappointed that all his efforts didn’t meet the pupils’ respond. And such cliche (to fell sick at heart) improves it. At the end rhetorical question was seed (Why did they behave like that? What was wrong with them? ).

The author makes the final open and gives opportunity to the reader to suppose what would be further. From the point of view of syntax the text includes a lot Of long and complicated sentences. It tells that the narrator is well-educated person. All these language means reveal the authors manner, his style of writing. He renders his feeling and thoughts such way and therefore reaches his desired effect. It is worth saying that this story is autobiographical. It seems to me, it can be a very good book for future teacher. Because such story is rather plausible in our days.

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