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Essay- Bathroom Tips

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Hi pulkit here. I just love bathrooms , “ya i do”. Now don’t look at me like that. Bathrooms are the most important part of our life.I guess you also agree with that..? common who can ignore bathroom? can you spend a whole Day without visiting bathroom..? NO you cant ,then why you ignore it ?

and specially when it comes to home , its the most important thing.Today bathrooms are not just bathrooms .They are something which represents your style.

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Essay- Bathroom Tips
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Yeah bathroom too represent you but again we focus on different things while making a home and ignore this sweet charming room which give us immense pleasure.

Anyway we will not ignore this here. So hereby disclosing to you certain key secrets by me.

Read them carefully and follow them , i know you will gonna love them and you will certainly give blessings to me when you will work upon them because sooner or later you will realize how right i am and these tips will save lot of money too.

1. Never use marble , granite or Italian or any other stone in bathroom. Ya they look glamorous when are new and it feels so good to tease and jealous your neighbours but these stones have following drawbacks. They are as follows:

a)Easily get dull soon when come in regular contact with water. Its a bathroom definitely water gonna takes its place . No matter how careful we are still its hard to place a fan in bathroom to soak the water.

b)very slippery.

c)All those floor cleaners don’t work on them and some of them really can cause damage to them. Sometimes our servants intentionally throw the toilet cleaning liquids on these sensitive floors and the result is the floor gets busted.

d) They are very costly. Not only the stone is expensive , the people who you hire to fix them will charge you high when it comes to granite or Italian marble.

2. Never use a tub in bathroom. Common who has time for it. We all are leading very hectic life and no body has time to take a 2 hour bath in it. At start we may take out.

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Essay- Bathroom Tips. (2018, Sep 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/essay-bathroom-tips/

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