A Descriptive Writing About a Dreamhouse

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Upon nearing the island that holds my dream house, I catch a fleeting glimpse of its imposing size, making it the standout structure in the vicinity. My private plane touches down on the air strip adjacent to the house. Disembarking from the plane, I embark on a path through a densely forested area that leads to my longed-for abode. Walking towards the house, feelings of excitement and nerves accompany me, knowing that this is where I will reside for the remainder of my days. Surrounding me are an array of stunning trees and plants, truly a sight to behold.

In the serene surroundings, the melodies of chirping birds and playful forest creatures fill the air. Walking along the path, I gradually spot my house in close proximity, an experience beyond anything I could have anticipated. The house I envisioned materializes before my eyes, surpassing all expectations. A magnificent four-story masterpiece occupies a vast fifteen-acre plot. Upon reaching the staircase at the entrance, I am embraced by four majestic columns leading to exquisitely designed doors. Crafted from rich mahogany, these doors captivate with a stained glass window at their center. The handles and frame are elegantly fashioned from brass. As I continue my exploration around the residence, three windows offer a picturesque view of the entrance.

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The house is adorned with black shutters on its windows and has a porch that stretches towards the south, providing a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean. In addition, there is a large eight-foot picture facing the same direction. Looking downwards, I can observe two piers protruding into the Pacific, each flanked by massive boulders that serve as protection against coastal erosion. The house itself features stucco walls and traditional clay-colored shingles. Upon entering the backyard, there are numerous desirable elements; although not everything is present. Lastly, as I make my way towards the road, there is a basketball court.

Adjacent to the basketball court, lies a tennis court. Situated between both courts is a bar where players can relax during breaks in their games. On the opposite side of the yard, an in-ground swimming pool awaits, seamlessly connected to a pool inside the house. As my exploration nears its end, I am drawn to a white gazebo positioned eastward from the house. This structure offers an ideal vantage point for observing individuals entering or exiting the property. As my plane departs and I prepare to return home and pack, I steal one final glance at my envisioned abode. From this close proximity, I perceive it with fresh eyes for the very first time.

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