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Analysis of “Midwich Cuckoos” By John Wyndham

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  • Pages 4
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    Midvvich population into facing the terrifying unknown because all of the alien babies had the power to control the minds of other and within the same gender they could talk with each other elepathically and share information that way. In the end, the main character, Gordon Zellaby lured the Children to a room, and bombed them. In the Holocaust, Hitler led the Nazi and their allies in a bloody war against all Jewish people in Germany. using many methods of death like gas chambers where poisonous gas would be released into an air tight room, concentration camps where people would starve to death, and bombing.

    Those two events greatly prove that knowledge can be used to help humans dominate another species that might be threatening us. It also can be used to strengthen oneself. Yet the most mportant way knowledge helps humans in daily life is that it is used to defend oneself and ensure one’s own survival. When challenged by another species or person, humans have a tendency to use their own knowledge to establish dominance over the enemy. Information on the enemy and their habits are obtained to be used later to manipulate the enemy.

    In The Midwich Cuckoos , the Children were able to control the humans by forms of manipulation “they both watched the next in turn make an equally fruitless attempt toget on board. ” (Pg. 166) In this case, the Children controlled the Midwich inhabitants and banned them from leaving Midwich. Also, one must thoroughly understand that another species or person is hurting oneself one. In the Holocaust, before Hitler did any serious damage, a few Jewish people felt as if their life was being threatened and left the country. It proves that if one is set on the idea that everything is fine then the enemy causing harm would eventually take over.

    False information can also be given out to confuse the enemy. In the Holocaust, German citizens were falsely informed about the horrific things that go on in concentration camps. During when people still believed in Hitler, everything went in his favour because he had the support of is people and he almost succeeded in his plan in wiping out the Jewish population. Whether one wants to dominate the world or establish dominance over another party, one should first make sure that one is capable of doing so. Another important use of knowledge in daily life is in strengthening oneself.

    Humans can trick another species or person into being a tool for oneself by teaching them important and useful things. For example, in The Midwich Cuckoos ‘The Grange was opened up asa kind of schoolcumwelfarecumcentrecumsocialobservatory for them” (Pg. 131) meaning the Children. Britain felt as if hey should train their Children to become geniuses to beat Russia because they were informed that Russia had been training their Children. If one understands the thoughts and the actions of others one can use that to one’s own benefit. One is then able to act accordingly to the situation one is in and get the best out of that.

    One can easily make things go smoother and get oneself more respected and accepted by others. Also knowing who one is and what one wants to achieve is very crucial. Adolf Hitler had a plan and he carried it out. Knowing what he wanted to do, Hitler was able to achieve what he anted and the Holocaust became one of the most famous events in history. The strengthening of self is also crucial when one is being threatened by others. When being threatened, humans have the luxury to use our knowledge to defend ourselves and thus ensure our survival.

    We use knowledge as a lure and it will work because most beings have a natural desire to learn more. One proof of this is when in The Midwich Cuckoos Mr. Zellaby gave the Children a presentation on the Aegean Isles “Before I could open the car door to get out, the front door of the house was pulled violently back, and a dozen or more of the Children ran excitedly down the steps… ” (Pg. 215) Using the lecture, Mr. Zellaby successfully lured the Children to one place and bombed them, ridding the threat they posed towards the humans. To survive, one must also know about events happening globally.

    In The Midwich Cuckoos the Children knew about the bombing of Gizhinsk and how all the Children there died. There was an aircraft that flew over Midwich and because the Children knew that the Gizhinsk Children had a bomb dropped on them, they made the crew jump out and made the plane crash. Last but not least, knowledge about destruction can be used to destroy another species r person who is threatening One. In the Holocaust, the Nazi gassed, tortured, and bombed the Jewish because Hitler led them to believe that the Jewish were causing all kinds of economic problems for Germany.

    The Nazi succeeded in killing numerous Jewish people, it would not have happened if they did not know about poisonous gasses, ways of torture, and about bombs. It once again proves that knowledge can help humans with both simple everyday things and important decisions. To humans, knowledge is the key to success and very important to our own development. Humans benefit from knowledge in many different ways. We can use knowledge to aid us in establishing dominance over other rival species or person. We can strengthen ourselves with knowledge.

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    Is Midwich Cuckoos dystopian?
    The Midwich Cuckoos is a kind of sci-fisci-fiScience fiction (sometimes shortened to sci-fi or SF) is a genre of speculative fiction which typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. › wiki › Science_fictionScience fiction - Wikipedia/ dystopian mix, and as such books generally do, it covers some fascinating themes.
    What happened at the end of The Midwich Cuckoos?
    In the end, he detonates a bomb inside one of the classrooms in the institution, killing himself and the children. It's absolutely a tale with twists and turns. Sky has taken on Wyndham's story and put a modern twist on it, with Keeley Hawes and Max Beesley taking on the lead roles.
    When was The Midwich Cuckoos written?
    The Midwich Cuckoos is a 1957 science fiction novel written by the English author John Wyndham. It tells the tale of an English village in which the women become pregnant by brood parasitic aliens.
    Where is The Midwich Cuckoos set?
    This stylish modern version of The Midwich Cuckoos is set in Midwich, a sleepy commuter belt town outside London, rather than the rural village of the novel.

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