The New Chairman of the Board

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Indeed, all of them proved themselves in their respective business as most successful star tit their endeavor, intelligence, hard working and talent entrepreneurship. Among them, Mr.. Unsnarl Islam Measured who is an illuminated business tycoon in the Garments business in Bangladesh became the Honorable Chairman after the demise of the honorable founder chairman. He is also the chairman of Bangladesh Association of Banks (ABA).

The Bank starts functioning from 3rd August, 1999 with its name as Bengal Export Import Bank Limited. On 16th November 1999, it was renamed as Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited with Mr.. Laming Kabuki as the Founder Advisor and Mr.. Mohammad Ululation as the Founder Managing Director respectively. Under the leadership of Mr.. Ululation, the Bank has migrated all of its conventional banking operation into Shari Based Islam Banking in the year July 2004. On 25th August, 2011, Mr.. Md.

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Freudian Aimed has joined in the bank as Managing Director. With his long banking experience, EXAM Bank become fully compliant Bank with adequate capital and good asset quality. After retirement from Managing Director, he has been continuing his service for EXAM Bank as Advisor since 27th July 2012. Dry. Mohammed Raider All Amah succeeded Mr.. Freudian Aimed on July 25, 2012 and has created a new dimension in EXAM history becoming the first ever in- house Managing director and CEO of the Bank.

Under his far-sighted leadership, EXAM Bank has not only achieved uppermost level of performance in almost each arena of its activities but also gained confidence to place itself as one of the dynamic banks through delivering transparent and standard banking services to the customers in a compliant manner. Mission The Bank’s mission gives emphasis to: Provide quality financial services especially in Foreign Trade. Continue a contemporary technology based professional banking environment. Maintain corporate & business ethics and transparency at all levels. Sound Capital Base.

Ensure sustainable growth and establish full value to the honorable stakeholders. Fulfill its social commitments. Above all, to add positive contribution to the national economy. Vision The gist of our vision is ‘Together towards TomorroW. Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited believes in togetherness with its customers, in its march on the road to growth and progress with service. To achieve the desired goal, here will be pursuit of excellence at all stages with climate of continuous improvement, because, in Exam Bank, we believe, the line of excellence is never ending.

Bank’s strategic plans and networking will strengthen its competitive edge over others in rapidly changing competitive environment. Its personalized quality services to the customers with trend of constant improvement will be the cornerstone to achieve our operational success.

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