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“Remember” by Christina Rossetti and “Piano” by D.H. Lawrence: Compare and Contrast

Christina Rossetti


Words: 1016 (5 pages)

“Remember” by Christina Rossetti and “Piano” by D. H. Lawrence are poems about nostalgic remembrance. They both have the same theme. This essay will compare and contrast two poems, bearing in mind the similarites and the differences between both poems. Thus, it will talk about the main themes of both poems (nostalgia for an idealized…

Christina Rossetti And The Fear Of Sense

Christina Rossetti

Goblin Market

Words: 1535 (7 pages)

In Goblin Market Essay, Research Paper “ Unholy Senses ” The verse form “ Goblin Market ” , by Christina Rossetti, relates the ethical narrative of two sisters, Laura and Lizzie. Rossetti constructs the verse form environing the two adult females who are unable to entree their to the full developed intuitions without being subsumed…

Critical Appriciation to Christina Rossetti’s Maude Clare

Christina Rossetti

Words: 336 (2 pages)

Maude Clare is a poem with simple language yet multiple complex interpretations. Its inclusion of mysterious narrators adds to its intrigue. The use of language in the poem reflects the time period it was written, featuring a traditional ballad structure reminiscent of Victorian era poetry. Additionally, the theme of tragic love aligns with the pre-Raphaelite…

Sister Maude Christina Rossetti analysis

Christina Rossetti

Words: 1915 (8 pages)

To what extent was rapid economic growth the cause of divisions within Wilhelmine Germany 1890-1914? In Wilhelmine II’s Germany, society was extremely hierarchal. By 1890 Germany had already completed the ‘take-off’ into sustained economic growth and industries such as coal, iron and textiles increased output by over 25%, leading the way in Germany’s mass industrialisation….

A Birthday – Christina Rossetti Analysis


Christina Rossetti

Words: 574 (3 pages)

The poem “A Birthday” by Christina Rossetti utilizes extensive and positive imagery, specifically focused on descriptions of nature. The entire poem is filled with imagery, which serves to convey the overwhelming sense of pure joy experienced by the speaker. There is a noticeable contrast between the two stanzas. The imagery in the first stanza draws…

Christina Rossetti’s “In an Artist’s Studio” Analysis


Christina Rossetti

Words: 776 (4 pages)

Christina Rossetti’s poem entitled “In an Artist’s Studio” is a depiction of two characters having connection with one another – the painter and the model. The painter saw different light from the model that he is painting. The model was not a usual woman but an angel or a saint that comes from heaven. He…

Marxist criticism Goblin Market Copy Analysis

Goblin Market


Words: 2661 (11 pages)

The poem, “Goblin Market” by Christina Rosettes, was originally intended to be a fairytale to teach children the simple click©: “Don’t trust strangers. ” Nevertheless, whether intended or not, the convoluted manner in which Rosettes crafts this poem, demonstrates that there are deeper meanings to this poem. The poem is no longer regarded as Just…

“Goblin Market” by Christine Rossetti Analysis

Goblin Market


Words: 2144 (9 pages)

Goblin Market is a Narrative poem first published in 1862 written by Christina Rossetti. It is about two sisters, one of whom gets sick after eating poisonous goblin fruit, and is healed because of her sister’s bravery. Rossetti claimed in a letter to her publisher that this poem was not meant for children, however she…

Goblin Market: Illustration of Male Dominance Analysis

Goblin Market


Words: 1642 (7 pages)

Even as a subject to the limiting forces of Victorian social mores, Christina Rosettes established herself as one of the pre-eminent female poets of her time. Replete with biblical allusions to Adam and Eve as well as commentary on gender roles, her poem “Goblin Market” is her crowning representation of the presence of social contracts…

The Victorian Era Was an Era of Advancement of Human Thinking

Goblin Market

Victorian Era

Words: 1022 (5 pages)

An era of advancement of human thinking was mainly personal as people started to learn a lot about themselves and about the world around them, and we began to understand how we came to be on this world. This is when we experienced the changes that the Industrial Revolution brought to this time. People started…

born December 5, 1830, London, United Kingdom
died December 29, 1894, Torrington Square
description Christina Georgina Rossetti was an English writer of romantic, devotional and children's poems, including "Goblin Market" and "Remember".
books Goblin Market 1862, Christina Rossetti 1907, Goblin Market and Other Poems 1862

“One day in the country. Is worth a month in town” “For there is no friend like a sister. In calm or stormy weather; “When I Am Dead, My Dearest. “Lie still, lie still, my breaking heart; “Remember. “Ah me, but where are now the songs I sang. “We must not look at goblin men, “What are heavy?


Short biography of Christina Rossetti

Christina Rossetti was born in London in 1830, the youngest child in an extraordinarily gifted family. Her father, the Italian poet and political exile Gabriele Rossetti, immigrated to England in 1824 and established a career as a Dante scholar and teacher of Italian in London. Christina’s mother, Frances, was English and also a poet. Her brother Dante Gabriel became one of the leading artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and her sister Maria wrote popular children’s stories and an influential guide to needlework.Christina Rossetti was a sickly child, and her parents devoted much attention to her health. She was educated at home and became fluent in Italian and French, as well as in English. She also studied art with her brother, and her drawings were exhibited at the Royal Academy.In 1850, Rossetti became a devout Anglican, and she began to write religious poems and hymns. Her first volume of poetry, Goblin Market and Other Poems, was published in 1862.

She was one of the most respected Victorian poets, and her work was admired by the critic John Ruskin, poets Robert and Elizabeth Browning, and many others.Rossetti’s religious faith influenced her poetry throughout her life. In 1864, she published The Prince’s Quest and Other Poems. This volume includes many of her most famous poems, such as “Remember,” “In an Artist’s Studio,” “My Dream,” “A Birthday,” “The Convent Threshold,” and “Up-Hill.”In 1870, Rossetti’s health began to decline, and she became increasingly reclusive. In 1871, her brother Dante Gabriel Rossetti painted her portrait, which now hangs in Tate Britain. She published several more volumes of poetry, including Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book (1872), Speaking Likenesses (1874), and Verses (1886). Her last volume of poetry, Time Flies: A Reading Diary, was published in 1885.Rossetti became increasingly interested in mysticism and the supernatural in the 1880s. In 1882, she published a volume of prose, Commonplace and Other Short Stories, which includes several ghost stories. Her poem “Goblin Market” (1862) is also a supernatural tale.Rossetti’s health continued to decline, and she died of cancer in 1894.

General Essay Structure for this Topic

  1. Christina Rossetti’s Poem: “In the Bleak Mid-winter”
  2. Themes in Christina Rossetti’s “In the Bleak Mid-winter”
  3. Rossetti’s Use of Language in “In the Bleak Mid-winter”
  4. Imagery in Christina Rossetti’s “In the Bleak Mid-winter”
  5. Rossetti’s Message in “In the Bleak Mid-winter”
  6. The Significance of “In the Bleak Mid-winter”
  7. Christina Rossetti’s “In the Bleak Mid-winter” in Relation to Other

Important information

Literary movement: Pre-Raphaelite

Siblings: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Michael Rossetti, Maria Francesca Rossetti

Parents: Gabriele Rossetti, Frances Polidori

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