Dramatic lifestyle changes needed to control climate change

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People will never be willing to make the dramatic lifestyle changes needed to control climate change. For this reason, governments must force people to do so. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is some dispute whether government efforts can give real help or not to resolve environment issues. Some people believe that individual actions do not put effort on climate change. However, others maintain that it could be triggered by government level, giving workable solutions. Hence, I would like to discuss about how it could be help people do it by the government assistance. On the one hand, it can be argued that the human actions is a major factor in the rise of the environment changes, my belief is that. However, people do not think about the consequences of dropping rubbish. The disposable things such as, plastic packaging do not break down easily, even takes over 100 years.

And also, the large number of cars on our streets are growing and running out the fossil fuels like oil and gas more and more obvious. It continues to accelerate the process known as the greenhouse effect. On the other hand, I would dispute that people should be solely responsible for tackling the problems on climate change. It is also true that government can make people take part in the eco-friendly activities. In details, firstly, in an effort to encourage recycling throughout the nation, it could be paid by extra taxes to dispose of the hard-to-recycle products. Secondly, to reduce the air-pollution of environment, the nation could promote the benefits of public bus and train so that we can cut the exhaust emissions effectively. In conclusion, I would maintain that to protect our environment, it will need a combination of individual behavior’s changes and strong government’s policies. (265 words)

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