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The Advantages of Belonging to a Group


Words: 298 (2 pages)

The advantages of belonging to a group or groups can have a lot of advantages and benefits. Being apart of a group(s) we are able to see who we want to be and do rather then who we try to be and to fit in. There’s always a group that can be influential, good or…

Community Organizational Proposal



Words: 1940 (8 pages)

This paper outlines a proposal for a community organization with a purpose of outreach to young girls. The organization does not limit itself to one issue; therefore it relies on a great number of current local organizations for collaboration. This organization, called “girl to girl” will be constructed upon building positive self-image amongst girls aged…

Community Problem-Solving


Community policing

Words: 615 (3 pages)

            The community plays a very important role in enforcement of laws as members living in the community are affected. Participation of community members with law enforcement agencies such as police is an important step that leads to reduced levels of crimes. One of the most critical aspect of the community in solving problems is…

Smoke-Free in Portland Community College


Smoking ban

Words: 1512 (7 pages)

Portland Community College decided to become smoke-free in the fall of 2009. They were just one of the many colleges in Oregon, and by extension, in the United States, to become smoke free campuses. Most people know that smoking is bad, but how bad is secondhand smoke? Many people that go to campuses dislike breathing…

Broken Windows Community Oriented and Problem Oriented Policing


Community policing

Words: 1608 (7 pages)

What causes some vicinities to hold low offenses rates if any, while others vicinities are in decay? It ‘s a inquiry that criminalists, constabularies and its citizens are invariably inquiring. To assistance in replying this inquiry, three patroling policies have been developed: Broken Windows Policing, Community Oriented Policing ( COP ) and Problem Oriented Policing…

Community Informant Interview


Words: 687 (3 pages)

The interview will be held at the offices of the American Diabetes Association at our county, at 11AM. The National Health Objective to be discussed is reducing the proportion of adults who engage in no leisure-time physical activity (National Health Interview, 2010). The informant, Sheri Colberg is a member of American Diabetes Association. She lives…

Community service benefits


Words: 3172 (13 pages)

The growing society makes difficulties people to work as individuals and enhance the team work. Through the help of others people will be able to face for these changes. As well as it causes to improve their social and economic wellbeing. The purpose of this review paper is to discuss the term of community development,…

Managing Medication Adherence in the Community


Words: 3390 (14 pages)

In mental health, from the discovery of the drug Chlorpromazine in the 1950’s, which was a major breakthrough in the treatment of mental illness, medication played an important role in the move from the big psychiatric asylums to care in the community (Howland 2007). Several studies continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of neuroleptic medication in…

Community Service Involvement


Words: 312 (2 pages)

            I went through the most rewarding experiences in my life when I became more involved in various community services. One of the first experiences I had was when I volunteered at the Boys and Girls club, where I met many people of the younger generation during homework time. During those times, I was able…

Ecological Succession and Natural Selection



Words: 309 (2 pages)

A primary succession occurs when the change in species composition than in a previous uninhabited environment. This means no soil exists when the primary succession starts. An example of a primary succession is recently formed lava from a volcano or bare rock surfaces. Therefore, in the ecosystem animation it, is a secondary succession. I say…

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