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Semi Detailed Lesson Plan


Lesson Plan


Words: 329 (2 pages)

Water is the most plentiful resource globally, comprising 97% non-potable water and only 3% potable. Nevertheless, a lack of awareness regarding water conservation contributes to its squandering. As humans cannot survive without water, it is crucial for us to sustainably oversee this valuable resource’s production of usable freshwater that can be replenished. To conserve water…

Writing assignment lesson plan

Cloud Computing

Lesson Plan


Words: 3001 (13 pages)

When a business sends a letter it can make the business seem more professional that and e-mail might not. -A letter can be sent anywhere in the world and to anyone that needs to read it. -It can contain detailed information such as figures. -It can be a lot easier to know a fake letter…

The Lovely Bones Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan


Words: 451 (2 pages)

Introduction The Lovely Bones is a story written from a fourteen-year-old girls’ point of view about the life of her family she is no longer part of after she becomes a victim of murder. Tell us about the unusual perspective Alice Sebold has chosen for this book. Why is it so different from other stories…

Importance of Lesson Plan


Educational Goals

Importance of Education

Lesson Plan

Words: 407 (2 pages)

Lesson plan prepares a lot of importance and benefit to the teachers and learners. Hence, here there are following importance that included in lesson plan. First, lesson plan shows the importance in teacher parts. Mostly, teachers use the lesson plan as their guide to teach the same subject or topic for a presentation. As a…

TBLT Reading Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan



Words: 515 (3 pages)

Lesson Objectives: reading comprehension, summarizing, skimming & scanning articles for main ideas and details, negotiating meaning, acquiring vocabulary related to theme Vocabulary: stem cell, embryo, pluripotent, morph, cloning, gestation, transplant Critical Thinking: listing, ordering & sorting, comparing & contrasting, collaborating Task Type: Reasoning, prediction, split information, opinion, decision-making (convergent), debate (divergent), memory challenge, real-world texts,…

Lesson Plan on Basic Vocal Performance – Posture

Human Activities

Lesson Plan


Words: 525 (3 pages)

PRIOR SKILLS & ASSESSMENT Interview the student regarding prior vocal lessons, if had one. Ask the student if engages in any physical exercises. Ask the student about his/her health condition; if ever he/she has scoliosis, asthma, etc so as to refrain the student from engaging in one of the lesson’s objective which is simple body…

Lesson Plan in Integrated Science- Phases of the Moon

Lesson Plan


Words: 590 (3 pages)

Ma’am, our lesson last meeting was all about Electric Circuit. The basic components of Electric Circuit are bulb( Ma’am it shows the moon’s mysterious shape. Very good! Before we will start our new lesson, everyone kindly read first the objectives that we are going to achieve at the end of the period. Activity Let us…

Lesson Plan Rationale


Lesson Plan


Words: 2082 (9 pages)

As proposed by Dymoke and Harrison, good lesson planning is essential to successful teaching in so far as stating, `It is often the case that poor teaching, classroom management and behaviour stem from lack of explicit planning` (2008, p. 122) It is suggested then, that thorough planning is fundamental to the successful learning of pupils…

Culturally Responsive Lesson Plans



Lesson Plan

Words: 700 (3 pages)

This paper highlights the significance of cultural sensitivity through two lessons. It emphasizes the value of character education and Social Studies in both local and global contexts, aiming to develop students into better individuals presently and in the future. By learning these lessons within a secure school community, students will be better equipped to contribute…

The Lesson Plans and Thematic Unit

Lesson Plan



Words: 2035 (9 pages)

The Lesson Plans and Thematic UnitLesson plans are very important documents for teachers. They should be integrated with the thematic units in the reading context to facilitate the teaching-learning process. It is through a well structured lesson plan that instructions in a classroom flow. For instance, a lesson involving a sequence of activities needs to…

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What are the five importance of a lesson plan?
Providing clear structure and direction in a lesson. Making expectations explicit. Outlining achievable learning goals. Setting timeframes for activities and transitions.
What is a lesson plan essay?
Basically, the author information is just information about the teacher that made the lesson plan, that includes where they teach, what they teach, etc. Goals determine purpose, aim, and reasoning for what teachers and their classes will engage during class time.
Why is it important to plan a lesson essay?
Having an effective lesson plan should be one of the most important things that every teacher should strive to have. When teachers have an effective lesson plan it provides them with a guide for teaching a lesson. It also allows for teachers to track students' progress. ...

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