Importance of Lesson Plan

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Lesson plan prepares a lot of importance and benefit to the teachers and learners. Hence, here there are following importance that included in lesson plan. First, lesson plan shows the importance in teacher parts. Mostly, teachers use the lesson plan as their guide to teach the same subject or topic for a presentation. As a result, it keeps them on track to accomplish the objectives. For instance, teachers must do arrangement the contents in logically order to make lesson go in sequence.

In addition, to be lesson plan is well organized, usually the teachers will do early preparation the lesson plan to make it smooth running of the lesson. As example, teachers should prepared all equipments is needed in their teaching. Examples of equipment are computer, projector, handouts or white board and marker pen. Without all these things absolutely the teaching is not takes placed. Besides that, lesson plan produced an effective teaching. It shows the effectiveness in teaching when it provides benefit to both sides such as teacher and learner.

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For example, the learners will more easily understand the teaching. From that, it promotes high level of confidence between teachers and learners. Furthermore, lesson plan is possible introduction of education technology. As we can see nowadays, most the teaching session will used the materials based on technology products. This can proved that educational level is developing towards the world. In addition, lesson plan also provides the room to teacher for evaluation and assessment for their teaching.

According to the teaching principles 2, where it consists of three major components such as objectives, instructional activities and assessment. For instance, a nurse wants to bring the Cancer patient visit to X-Ray department to show the radiation therapy procedure. Therefore the X-Ray department should be informed before the nurse brings the patient to the department. This can show that lesson plan is important where make the visit is organized properly. Moreover, there are some importances by applying lesson plan in teaching process.

The teacher able to measure whether they are delivered good teaching to the learners or not. As example, the teacher will give the tasks or tests to the learner to be do. Hence, the feedback from the learner will be the measurement of the performance. So, if the feedback is negative the teacher must take actions to solve the problems. For example, re-teach or re-enforcement must be doing to improve their teaching and enhance understanding from the learner.

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